Human guinea pig again!

Have you ever been waiting for a package for what feels like FOREVER.. attempting to track it and watching it move at a snails pace.. and then suddenly- a package arrives at your door. At last! This must be it! You pull it inside without reading the return label- get it to a counter top, yank out a knife so you can cut the tape.. only to notice it is NOT the package you were expecting.

That is seriously the story of my life!

I’m not what I would consider a “book” person. I can’t really find the time to sit down, crack open a book, and read it. Mostly because I don’t have the patience, and partly because I know if I start one I won’t want to put it down when I have to due to time constraints. I’m a fast reader, but not THAT fast.

Since around Halloween, i’ve been on a serious paranormal kick. I always watch the shows, but when I heard one of my favorite investigators had recently released a book about his investigations.. I had to have it.
I finished that book in about two weeks and ordered 3 more (since one you can’t really find in store anymore). I’ve been waiting to receive those books for about a week now.

There’s been no tracking information posted online, so I didn’t expect to get them today.. but when I saw a package outside my door- it became a situation like I described above.

I tore into the box only to find myself greeted by yet ANOTHER product research study. Not that i’m complaining, it’s extra relatively easy money.. but it’s disappointing when you’re expecting something else.
I’ve been bombarded by product trial studies lately. Just in the past month i’ve done a 3 week long study on a popular cereal, a food journal where I literally have to write down every interaction with food I have for 2 days out of the week for 4 weeks (even if I just grab a bottle of water out of the fridge), a baby wipe study.. and now this.
ANOTHER baby wipe study. Only this one is a hardcore pain in the ass. Every time I use a wipe, I have to mark it in a journal.. followed by a series of questions on how I used it, how well the wipe dispensed, etc.

It’s strange to have to jot down minuscule details of my every day life and usage of random things in various journals. Hard to remember all the details.
It will definitely be nice once the money starts rolling in from all of this craziness. I do wonder what weird box i’ll get next from a study I can’t remember agreeing to or being accepted into. I’ve done everything from baby wipes to macaroni and cheese to shampoo. All very tame. I think i’d have to draw the line at a tampon study.. I imagine those HAVE to exist, but unless they’d be willing to pay me a small fortune i’d have to decline to divulge the details of the monthly witch.

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