Hand me down epiphany

With Parker getting bigger- we’re finally able to dig into the clothes we stored away that Holden grew out of for Parker to wear. And let me tell you, it is a HUGE bin. About half of it is short sleeved, or things that just seem still a little bit too big for Parker to wear.. the other half is long sleeved stuff that is perfect for the season and his size since he is so long.
The bottom half has remained relatively untouched.. but last week (or around that time), while digging through it (since we’ve been too lazy to actually sort it into Parker’s drawers), I noticed something that caught me off guard.

It was the shirt we bought Holden when we found out I was pregnant with Parker. “I’m the big brother!”
Lately it’s been strange enough to see Parker wearing complete outfits that Holden used to wear, when it seemed like just yesterday that Holden was wearing them himself.. but now to have Holden’s big brother shirt looking back at me from a tub full of clothes that Parker now fits into.

That means that Parker is now around the age Holden was when we found out we were pregnant. It’s a crazy realization. I can’t even really clearly remember Holden being this little.. can’t even imagine how i’d feel if I found out I was pregnant AGAIN with Parker at the age and stage he’s at.

Very scary thought. This time of year, right around Christmas and New Years seems to be my ridiculously fertile time. TWICE i’ve gotten pregnant around this time. While the first was planned, the second caught me completely by surprise. No matter how careful I thought we were being- it was clearly not careful enough.

So now I realize that I have to be even MORE careful. Chastity belt made of titanium type of careful. Two kids two years apart is one thing- but THREE kids two years apart? I think all the threats i’ve made to throw myself off of a cliff would come to fruition.

I think Thomas is going to be sleeping on the couch from now until Valentines Day to avoid my apparently fertile season, and to keep Parker out of wearing that ‘big brother’ shirt that is staring up at me from the hand-me-down tub. I am in HEAT y’all, and that is not a good thing!

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