A Family Thanksgiving is the best movie

This guest post from Efren Gill

I love sitting by the fire watching and watching my favorite Thanksgiving specials

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My new favorite Thanksgiving movie is called A Family Thanksgiving. It stars Daphne Zuniga as well as the multi talented Faye Dunaway, Dan Payne and Gina Holden

Daphne plays Claudia, a lawyer. Claudia is a busy, busy lawyer looking to make partner. She wants to make partner so much that she is willing to abandon her Thanksgiving holiday celebration with her family. She decides to work on an important case instead. The case will affect her sister because her client wants to build a huge manufacturing plant right where the town park is. This causes trouble between the sisters and they hang up the phone angry with each other. To help her a fairy godmother of sorts or thanksgiving angel sets her in a different world after she hits her head. She accidentally becomes a wife and mother to two children and gets to see what life would be on the other side if she wasn’t a lawyer but a wife and mother of two. This helps her to see that family is what is most important in life. During her experience she quickly learns why the park is so important to her sister and the rest of the town people. She is given a second chance at life.

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