Curse you, Daylight Savings time!

When it comes to Spring Forward, Fall Back.. I used to have a love/hate relationship. Of course the springing forward always SUCKED because it meant you felt as though you’d lost an hour of sleep.. and couldn’t go to bed early since your body wasn’t fully convinced it was bed time.
Fall back? Was my absolute favorite. An extra hour of sleep! There’s nothing better than a free hour of sleep..

Until you have kids- and they crap ALL over the wondrous joy that ‘Fall back’ used to bring. Daylight Savings time is the ruiner of lives. The ruiner of that extra hour of sleep you so desperately need and crave when you’re a mommy running on fumes already.

Before I had my own children, I bought into all the hype from other random parents saying Daylight Savings time wasn’t such a big deal. “Oh they get used to it in a few days!”.. just like any adult does.
WRONG! Now I know better. Daylight Savings Time is the devil incarnate.

After Holden’s second Fall Back, his sleep was ruined for life. He went from being a kid who slept in, to a kid who woke up at 7 or earlier religiously. Every year.. it seems he wakes up earlier after DST progressively until now.. where he’s up at 6, being incredibly obnoxious and refusing to go back to sleep. He won’t even lay down. He just sits in bed with us while we desperately attempt to snooze and get him to cuddle with us and complains about how he wants to watch Special Agent Oso, or go and play in the living room. And of course- with his loud mouth, Parker gets woken up early too.. and that kid does NOT handle being woken up well. Sunny disposition out the window.

I refuse to comply. 6am wake ups are NOT happening in this house until he starts school.

Unfortunately for me, I have not figured out how to keep that kid in bed once he’s awake. When he’s up, he’s up.. there’s no fighting with him about it. Short of locking him in his room and sound proofing it so no one can hear him yelling- that kid will be up and arguing bright and friggin’ early. Especially since now with the stupid time change it’s light outside much earlier, you can’t convince him that it’s still sleepy time.

We need to live in a place where it isn’t necessary to change the clocks twice a year so i’m not being woken up hours before usual.. and so I don’t go completely insane from only getting 5 hours of sleep.

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