Clueless Shopper

With the reaction I have upon walking into the girls section of any store in order to buy a gift.. you’d never know that I myself was once a little girl. The level of cluelessness shocks even me.

Whenever I have to shop for a little girl, a wave of panic sweeps over me. I have NO clue what little girls like.. there are too many options! And in my experience, girls are a hell of a lot more picky than boys. You get a boy an action figure or a car and they’re thrilled. If you get a little girl the wrong Barbie doll, it’s the end of the friggin’ world.

It doesn’t help that my kids are both incredibly easy to please. While Holden has specific things he loves- if you get him something he’s never even heard of, he’ll play with it until it’s falling apart. Just doesn’t care what you get him. I swear he’d be happy with a paper bag.

I don’t ever like to buy the wrong gift. I’m too picky, and i’m indecisive. Being that I hate dolls.. I dread even walking into that section of any toy store. All the beady little eyes staring at me. If I ever had ANY idea what to get, I could get in and get out without getting totally creeped out in the process.. instead I end up browsing for what feels like forever, and after a while everything starts to look the same. Pink and frilly. Ew.
Most times, I have to text the mommy and say “Ok.. what in the world do I get for her?”
There have been a couple of times where I take pictures of multiple things with my phone and send them over.. and let the mom make the decision for me. I am always at a total loss of what to get. Dress up stuff? I never did that. I don’t know what’s cool or fun. Zhu Zhu pets? Seriously? They just seem like the most ridiculous (and expensive) things on earth.

I’m positive if I had a little girl, the task would seem much less daunting because i’d end up getting someone else what my kid likes- which is what I do for boys. I don’t though, and I always wanted to play with my brother’s G.I Joes when I was little so I am of no help to my own situation.

We have two little girls birthday parties coming up soon. One who is turning 8, and one who is turning 3. Both of which I will most likely need some serious guidance on.
If only these girls were boys i’d be in hog heaven! Boys are my forte. My house is full of them- I am the guru.

Word of advice: If you want me to get your kid an awesome gift.. only give birth to little boys! Otherwise.. you really have no idea what your little girl will end up getting- I can’t promise it will be good!

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