A big lump of coal for you!

As we’d planned at Thanksgiving, today we went to the HUGE Yankee Candle Factory in Williamsburg with my dad and step mom and brother and nephew to let the boys see all the decorations. I had heard whispers that there would be a Santa there, but I wasn’t positive on that until last night when my brother confirmed it.

With how Holden reacted yesterday to even SEEING Santa, I didn’t have high hopes that today would go well. I wasn’t sure if we’d end up with another picture like last year.. where Holden was red face, back arched and screaming. We tried as hard as we could to talk Santa up, and Holden seemed positive that today was the day that he would actually sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what he wants for Christmas.

It became very clear when we got to Yankee Candle that Holden sitting on Santa’s lap just wasn’t going to happen. As soon as we got out of the car, he insisted on being picked up. Wouldn’t even walk into the place where he knew Santa would be. It was like he had a serious sense of dread about the whole situation.

When we got inside, he agreed to walk, but would not get ANYWHERE near Santa. Try as we might- we couldn’t convince him to get in line. He just shook his head and said he absolutely did NOT want to do it. He wouldn’t say why.. insisted he wasn’t scared, just didn’t want to do it. Even though we told him that if he didn’t sit on Santa’s lap, Santa wouldn’t know what to bring him- didn’t work. Bribery? Nope, not happening. He’s too big to force, and we certainly didn’t want to traumatize him on the whole thing.. so Parker and I got in the very short line while Thomas kept trying to talk Holden into it.

Preston, my brother’s son.. was a tad apprehensive about walking up to Santa- but after a high five he was just fine with climbing up into his lap. No crying, no fussing.. but he did reach for my brother quite a few times. Still, he sat long enough to take some pictures. To say that I was jealous was an understatement. I looked over at Holden and saw him looking very scared and STILL shaking his head.

Very quickly it was Parker’s turn. I knew it wouldn’t be good. Parker is scared of just about everyone (even though he loves to wave at people) and there’s only ONE person other than Thomas and I that he’s let hold him recently without screaming his head off.
Santa was no different. As soon as he realized that he was no longer in my lap- without even LOOKING at Santa, he started to cry. One of the helpers tried to make the situation better.. or maybe worse, not sure- and said to him “didn’t you see Santa??”
Parker looks up at Santa.. and went absolutely ballistic. Mouth open, no sound coming out.. just completely losing it.
This is the awesomely hilarious picture we got:

Poor sad Santa! That one is going on the wall, for sure.

I’m sure seeing Parker have a Chernobyl sized meltdown didn’t help convince Holden to take his turn. At one point I thought i’d convinced him by saying he could sit on MY lap and I would sit on Santa’s lap.. but very quickly he changed his mind on that one. Sucks. The picture of Parker, although sad, is awesome. They had a really great set up and everyone else’s pictures were coming out amazing. They even gave us a family deal where we could get EVERYONES pictures on disk for the price of one. Just couldn’t get Holden to suck it up and make it happen.

They had Santa’s naughty or nice list in one of the other decorated rooms (this place was gigantic). I asked Holden which list he wanted to be on. “The naughty list!”- seems to fit.

Other than the Santa fiasco, the boys had a blast. They loved all the lights and decorations and how every 4 minutes it “snowed” (it was soap, so i’m told). Every other picture is them smiling and having a fabulous time. Holden even sat in Santa’s chair while he was on break, grinning from ear to ear.

I think we’ll end up trying the Santa thing ONE more time- but at Bass pro shop.. where the pictures are not nearly as good- but they’re free.

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