Back on the constipation train

Today was easily Parker’s fussiest most miserable day in his entire life. Worse than when he had a ridiculously high fever with roseola.. worse than all of his teething days combined. He was basically inconsolable all day. Screamed and cried all day, and we at first could NOT figure out why.

It became very clear a few hours into the day of screaming that he was desperately trying to poop and couldn’t. It’s strange, because just a few days ago (and over the past week) he’s had SERIOUS teething runs that caused his incredibly painful diaper rash. How did he get to the polar opposite so quickly? And why?
Randomly throughout the morning he would stop what he was doing, whatever that may be, and start screaming bloody murder.

The only thing we could think to do to help him out was to give him some laxative drops to help move things along. We put it into his morning oatmeal.. but a few hours later, it still wasn’t helping. He was still randomly having very painful screaming fits.

After a lot of convincing, I got Thomas to… help the process along.. if you get my drift.
I heard a lot of screaming, so i got up to go and see if maybe I could calm Parker down while all of this was going on in his butt-region. Thomas had managed to get a tiny bit of poop out of him, but it definitely didn’t seem like enough to get rid of the problem altogether.

Hours and hours later, he’d still only passed a little bit of poop here, and a little bit of poop there- all causing him to scream uncontrollably. I guess by that point his butt hurt so bad from not only the rash, but from repeatedly trying to pass the hardest, biggest poop in the history of poops- that it all became incredibly painful. I felt so bad for him… so I did what any parent would do- gave him another laxative dose. In hindsight, I suppose a stool SOFTENER would have been the best bet- but when your kid is screaming his head off all day long, you really can’t think clearly enough to make rational decisions.

From that point on- he was poop crazy.. but not the good kind of poop. Not the relieving “ahhhh, I feel better now!” kind of poop. Just hard logs and nuggets. Every 15 minutes only followed by the screaming and beet red face from pushing as hard as he possible could. I lost count of how many diapers we went through. At one point I went to change him and could SEE how hard he was pushing. Both Thomas and I feared he’d give himself a hemmorhoid- at 13 months old! That is how hard he was pushing to try and pass the gigantic stone of poop blocking his colon. It horrified me to the point where I had to call Thomas in so I could run away. Seeing an inside out butthole was never on my “to do” list for life.

That kid’s butthole has to be totally raw at this point. I don’t know what else we can do to help him.. but I don’t think ANY of us can handle another day like today. I don’t think his BUTT can handle another day like today. He may get so scared of the pain caused by attempting to crap himself that he may STOP attempting to crap himself altogether.. only making the blockage even bigger. Can you imagine?

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