I’m not sure if i’ve ever mentioned it before- but I have a SERIOUS case of Arachnophobia. Not just you’re run of the mill “i’m scared of spiders”, but a SERIOUS case. I can’t see a picture, or even a drawing of a spider without cringing or shrieking. If I see a spider on TV, I have to close my eyes and turn away until i’m positive the image is gone. Just can’t handle it. I totally freak out. Thank you mom for letting me watch the movie when I was a small child.. scarred me for life!
I even have recurring dreams of being locked in a closet with huge spiders, not being able to get out.
Even the tiniest spider makes me freak out.

So it’s not a far stretch to imagine that when I see a spider in my house, it feels as if the world is coming to an end. I can’t bring myself to get close enough to the thing to kill it, i’d have a full on panic attack.

Back when we lived in our town house with just Holden, we had a pretty bad infestation of what looked like brown recluses. We spent many days quarantining ourselves to one part of the house just to stay away from them. I hated that house for that reason.

This house hasn’t had so many bug issues as the previous.. but every now and then, there will be a spider in the shower that gives me nightmares for days.
Nothing like today, though. Today.. I think will make me paranoid for months.

I was washing my face in the bathroom, and the boys were playing pretty well together in Holden’s room when suddenly I heard Parker cry out. I figured Holden was just being a turd to him.. taking away a toy, or putting a blanket on him (which Parker HATES, but Holden loves to play under blankets).. so I moseyed on in to Holden’s room to see what the deal was.
Wasn’t surprised to find that Holden was in fact underneath a blanket and attempting to get Parker underneath of it as well.
As I reached for Parker to pick him up, I noticed something making a beeline for my hand. I soon realized it was a HUGE BLACK SPIDER. Not small that I just claim is huge because i’m terrified of them.. but HUGE. And aggressive.

Immediately I let out a blood curdling shriek.. and then another.. and then another. You’d think it was an axe murderer with how I reacted. I snatched Parker up and then screamed for Holden to get out of the room. The evil spider started making its way for Holden so I took the blanket and threw it, and then ran out of the room with both boys and slammed the door behind us.

In a total panic I called Thomas.. who works about 30 minutes away. He didn’t answer so I sent him a text telling him to call me IMMEDIATELY.
Of course, he assumed it was something “more serious”- as if a huge aggressive spider isn’t bad enough??? And laughed at me when I told him what was going on. He just doesn’t understand what arachnophobia feels like. No way could I go back in that room and attempt to hunt that thing down. I’m not that brave.
He jokingly suggested that I block the door in by putting a towel under the door so it couldn’t get out. Little did he know, I took that suggestion very seriously.

There would be NO going back into that room for the rest of the day.. but where would Holden nap? How would I get him dressed? What if the boys tried to go in there to play like they love to do?

All day I was in a panic. Afraid that thing would get out of containment. I walked into every single room like a police officer on a man hunt. Checking every corner and dark spot of the room before comfortably being in it. The boys weren’t pleased about not being able to enter their favorite playroom.. but lucky for me- they obliged.

I decided Holden would nap in my bed. Kid loves mommy and daddy’s bed so much he didn’t put up a fight at all at nap time- but insisted on having “TWELVE STUFFED ANIMALS!”.. he had to compromise at one stuffed dinosaur I found in Parker’s toy bin.
He napped so well in our bed, in fact, that it was nearly impossible to get him OUT of the bed when nap time was over. I probably just encouraged him even more to wake up at 2am every morning and come into bed with us.. but it was worth it if it saved him from waking up mid-nap with a huge black spider crawling over his face. Ugh, I shudder at the thought.

It wasn’t until Thomas got home at around 6:15 PM that Holden’s door was finally un-barricaded and the hunt for the spider was on. I sat with Parker on the couch and watched as he tore the room apart searching for that thing. Panic set in.. maybe it got out? Where could it be? Is it going to eat my face as I sleep tonight?
Finally after about 5 minutes of searching I hear “AUUUGGHHHH!!!! THERE IT IS!” and then a large smashing sound.
Spider go bye-bye. Holden stood at the door and laughed hysterically.
“That WAS big!” Thomas said as he came out of the room.
TOLD YOU SO! I may freak out at spiders, but rarely enough to completely barricade and quarantine an entire room because of it. That thing was no joke.

I’m just glad it’s dead.. but now I have the extreme paranoia that it laid eggs in Holden’s room.. or brought some friends with it that we just haven’t found yet.
I know for the next few days at least i’ll still be checking every corner of every room and have a panicked feeling as I enter.

MAN I hate spiders!!!!

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