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Man that feels good to say! And really it’s not directed to anyone in particular.. just a general “I KNEW IT!” moment. One of those satisfying times when you realize you were right all along.. it’s the little things in life y’all.

Some people are far too predictable, i’ll start it by just saying that.

I haven’t spoken to my brother since before the boys birthday party when he decided to drop a bomb on me that he wouldn’t be coming.. for no reason. I told him he wouldn’t be hearing from me again if he decided to not show up.. and in order to keep my promise of complete stubbornness- i’ve been on total radio silence. He of course wins the award for most stubborn and pig-headed though, since all he had to do was apologize for being a selfish douche bag and while i’d still be pretty ticked, i’d at least attempt to get over it.. but he didn’t do that. Just chose to ignore us and go about his business. Even my Dad told him a few weeks ago to suck it up and apologize.. still nothing.

You see, my brother has this pattern. Other than his son, family will always come second to whomever he happens to be dating at the time. He puts all females on a pedestal, even when they don’t deserve it.. and everyone else is SOL. Once his current relationship hits the skids, as it tends to do since my brother gets bored or picks evil bitches to date and it doesn’t ever work out- he begins to remember that he has family to fall back in. Family is one of those things that everyone knows will always be there since it’s blood relation that most people feel an obligation to not walk away from like you can a crazy ex.

Sure enough, once my brother and his girlfriend (who I like) broke up.. the next day I got a text message from him.
“I figured i’d stop bein stubborn n call u n say sorry for not comn to ur party cuz we got thanksgiving n christmas comn up!”
Text speak aside.. it wasn’t exactly the message I was hoping to get. Really? You’re only apologizing so the holidays won’t be awkward with me ignoring you? No explanation or “I was a douche bag for not coming”?
I don’t let people off easy when they hurt my kid’s feelings.So I responded with “really? that’s the only reason?”
And I got back “Lol i’m sorry for holden too I know he wanted us or at least me there”
And I want to punch you in the face! I told him that Holden wanted them both there, and asked about him for weeks. I didn’t get a response back after that, figures.

Is it mean to not really be able to consider that a real apology? I’m not asking him to grovel, I just want him to admit he made a mistake by missing his only nephews’ birthday party for no good reason.

I do find it funny that I had literally JUST said to Thomas that I bet my brother would text me now that he and his girlfriend had parted ways.. and sure enough he did. Predictability wins again!

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