What is that SMELL?!

For years- me sense of smell has been less than stellar. People would gag at certain smells and I couldn’t smell anything. I’d just laugh at their dismay and how disgusted they were at certain things, all the while I was happy as a clam.
While it’s gotten a little better over the years- it’s still not quite up to par with the majority of people.. so when I smell something bad, you KNOW the smell has to be bad, or i’m just totally crazy.

This morning I smelled something funky in the house.. but didn’t put too much weight in it considering Parker has some of the worst smelling poop in history, and our fridge isn’t exactly the cleanest fridge you’d ever see. We keep it relatively clean, and we try to empty out the trashcan in Parker’s room as often as we can, but sometimes we just get behind. Though I couldn’t think of anything in the fridge that would be rotting and emitting a smell, I suppose I just figured it was that and after a while I didn’t smell anything anymore. Problem solved!

Much later in the day, after dinner and while my Dad was here for his weekly visit with us and the boys- Thomas walked into the living room where we were all playing and said that “something smells like dog shit!” in the dining room. I had no idea what he was talking about. I couldn’t smell anything! Not that that’s abnormal.. but something smelling like dog crap? I think I would be able to smell.

I walked to where he insisted the smell was and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Only it didn’t smell like poop, it smelled like rotting trash.
We called my Dad into the room to see if he could place it, and he smelled it as well. We knew then something was up.
Everyone was sniffing around, trying to find the smell and where it was coming from.. but we just couldn’t find it. I even did something I NEVER do and sniffed the trashcan.. which surprisingly smelled GOOD.

My Dad thought maybe it was the disposal.. but I clear that thing out at LEAST twice a day.

Then he threw a suggestion out that seemed like it made sense- “It smells like rotten cantaloupe.”
Wouldn’t you know- we’d cut up cantaloupe last night and were eating it today. Could the rind really have gone that bad in less than 24 hours? And why didn’t the trashcan stink?

Since he pin pointed what we’d eaten without ever knowing we ate it- I accepted that as the reason and went about my way. Got ready to get in the shower- and then Thomas rushed into the bathroom. He’d found the smell. He said my Dad was “close.”

What was rotting you may ask? The answer pisses me off!

Our big fabulous expensive 20 lb pumpkin from the pumpkin patch! The one I hand picked out because it was absolutely perfect! ROTTING!
And not only rotting, but leaking out of the bottom.. all over the table, and all over the dining room floor. It literally ruined our dining room table. I’m lucky one of the boys wasn’t playing in that mess today!
Never in my LIFE did I imagine a rotting pumpkin could smell so bad. Can you imagine if we’d tried to carve into that thing??

I’m so disappointed that our family pumpkin is dead to the world. The house STILL stinks. I fear the smell will never go away.
I thought Holden wouldbe upset about his pumpkin being thrown away.. but just like his fish dying left and right- he didn’t care. I told him his pumpkin was rotting and he just shrugged and said “Ok. I want a new pumpkin!”

No way are we going back to the patch and buying another expensive DEFECTIVE pumpkin. I think we’ll just buy a $5 one from the grocery store and call it a day. As long as Holden picks it out, I think he’ll be just as happy.

That won’t change the fact that Thomas and I are pissed about it! What a rip off!
At least Holden’s small pumpkin he named “Tear” that looks like it will suck out your soul with the face he designed for it is still in prime condition. I don’t imagine he’d be happy at ALL if we had to toss that creepy thing out.. though I think the seeping of disgusting ooze out the bottom would be more fitting for a Pumpkin named ‘Tear” (as in.. ‘I cried a tear’, not ‘I have a tear in my pants’).

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  • How did you get the smell to go away? I left a small pie pumpkin on a bedside table and the pumpkin juice spilled onto my carpet. Can’t get the smell out. I’ve tried carpet cleaner, water and vinegar, baking soda… Help!