What an annoying week!

The typical mommy annoyances, evil kids, crappy weather, and douchebaggish husband.. aren’t usually annoying enough for me to devote an entire blog to (unless i’m in a particularly foul mood).

This week was pretty normal on the annoyance scale until people forced me to add them to my shit list.
From my brother still being on radio silence.. no apology or explanation as to why he bailed on the boys’ birthday party.. to someone else acting as though their tiny little issue is more important than putting food in my kids mouths and shelter over their heads.. I quickly got into a very sour mood.

The most annoying (yet not quite as offensive as the two prior) is a clothing company that shall remain nameless. I don’t order or buy clothes for myself very often. I’m more likely to buy things for the kids instead and leave myself in need. Just how I work. Still, with cold weather fast approaching and my glaring lack of clothes to keep me warm.. it was time.

I received an email with a 20% off coupon from a store that I used to order clothes from all the time with no issue. I figured with 20% off and the fact that I only shop in the clearance section, I could make out pretty good on the deal.

After doing some careful shopping, picking out things that are cute, functional, and relatively cheap- I checked out. Entered in my coupon code and was happy to see the reasonable total on the screen. So I entered my order in and went about my way.

When I received the invoice for the clothes though, the total I saw was quite different from the total I was given at check out. The coupon code had apparently not been processed.. even though I know for a fact that I entered it, it was accepted, and I was given a total with the 20% off.
I scoured the website for a phone number to call and complain only to find there wasn’t one. Nowhere to be found. Big red flag.
After googling for the phone number- I found an onslaught of complaints about this company’s terrible customer service. Another big red flag. All of the complaints said there was no phone number to call, so I sucked it up and emailed the company about my issue and asked that my 20% off be credited back to my card.
Pretty reasonable I think, considering it was THEIR screw up and not mine.

Over 24 hours went by and I got no response. At that point I was pretty ticked off, so I sent a second email, this time with a very angry tone. Later that day, I got notice of shipment of my order.. and then that evening, a response from the company.
Not the response I was expecting. They seemed to completely ignore my request and instead said how I could only get a refund if somehow the clothes didn’t get to me.

So I wrote back even MORE pissed off. You didn’t answer my question, I want my 20% off back.

I think I must have argued with them ALL day today. Every person who responded to me was unwilling to refund my 20% off, blamed it on me, said I couldn’t get the refund because the items had already shipped.
Then I got infuriated. I was not the one who messed up. They did. I DID email them before the items were shipped, they just didn’t bother to respond. I don’t appreciate being treated like crap and screwed out of 20% because of their mistake. I will report them to the BBB. The works.

The only reason I even ORDERED clothes from them was because of the 20% off coupon. I never buy stuff for myself, I was very careful about the total.. and now i’m being charged a LOT more for their screw up.

I guess they got so fed up with my ranting that they relented, apologized, and gave me a phone number to call. Have I mentioned that I hate confrontation? I don’t think calling them is going to get my 20% back.. and i’m certainly not going to take their dumb ass advice and wait for the clothes to arrive (8 days after ordering), return them on my own dime (“oh we’ll reimburse you!”), wait for the credit to get into my account.. and then RE order, and have to RE pay for shipping.. because no way are they going to refund shipping as well. With all those charges, the 20% is basically voided. It’s pointless.

Guess i’m going to have to harness my inner bitch, grow some balls- and call these morons. It’s most likely going to be more of the same, and piss me off even more.. but it’s worth a shot in the dark to get my friggin’ money back. Especially since I promised Holden i’d buy him “the dragon movie” tomorrow.. so I need the extra funds to do so. I don’t break promises.. but I will break whoever is unfortunate enough to take my call tonight.

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