That yucky feeling

I think i’m coming down with something. Could be the yo-yo-ing weather, going from hot to cold to warm to chilly. My poor sinuses can’t handle sudden changes like that.
I always felt like Virginia doesn’t really have a true Fall season. It seems to go from relatively warm, to straight up freezing without much time in between the two. Changes like that make my head feel like it’s going to explode. Not to mention the sore throat and the general achiness.

That’s how it started, really. The dry scratchy throat. I attributed it to just allergies at first, with the pollen count still being a total whore.
Then last night I just felt totally sick. Exhausted, stomach ache, headache.. the works. Again, thought it could have been something else. To be more specific, the re-heated croissant dogs we had for dinner. Even thinking about it now makes my stomach turn a little. Hot dog grease.. always an unsettling thing to ingest.

I powered through the night, finished up my surveys and hit the bed- hard. Didn’t sleep that great but woke up feeling a little better. Just a scratchy throat left over.

Really my one thought at that point was if I AM sick, I have to contain it. Parker absolutely can NOT get sick again, period.
Hand sanitizer was my best friend today. That and refraining from snuggling and smooching, my two favorite things to do.

Much to my dismay, it wasn’t just sickness working against me today to make the day crappy. it was definitely ‘one of those days.’ Classic case of the Mondays.. I want to punch myself for even typing that- but it happens to be true.

After I finally got the online clothes ordering debacle somewhat settled, I got the clothes in the mail. The pants I ordered? Too small. Story of my life. I made time on Sunday to take them back and get a larger size up, but didn’t have time to try them on being as it was nap time and the kids were in the car and I needed to make a mad dash in and out. One size up really should have done the trick, as the ones I ordered (while being my friggin’ size) weren’t THAT small.

So I tried them on today, hoping to salvage the day and feel a little bit better wearing new clothes- who doesn’t feel better wearing new clothes? And guess what? They didn’t fit either. Big blow to the ego there.
I’ve given up on the pants. There are some stores that don’t make pants to fit certain builds.. or bigger hips than legs- this seems to be one of those cases. So i’m taking them back and keeping the money and washing my hands of the entire situation.

It definitely put an even larger damper on my day.

The only bright spot in the day was when I heard that other people who had won the same Facebook contest I did were receiving their prizes today. An entire case of Strawberry Milano cookies. Mmmmm, cookies. Would come at a perfect time considering we just used the last of my home made cookie dough the other night, and with how I was feeling I DEFINITELY wasn’t in the mood to whip up a new batch.
Wouldn’t you know it- they didn’t come. What came instead was an incredibly massive headache. The headache to end all headaches. And the phantom boob pain- did I mention that was back? It’s killing me today.

Can I win the lottery? Or.. find a pro-bono lawyer? Or.. really, just come into some good luck for once?

Tomorrow is Parker’s second Occupational Therapy appointment.. maybe that will give me a nice NEW start to the week and I can pretend today didn’t happen. And maybe tomorrow my friggin’ cookies will come and I can pig out like the fat kid I apparently am.

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