Second child syndrome: More hand-me-down woes

While I am an enthusiastic supporter of hand me downs, second hand stores, garage sale baby clothing scores, freecycle give-aways.. There does happen to be a downside to all of it- and that is the wearing out of pre-worn clothes.

For Holden it didn’t really matter all that much.. the kid was so hefty that necklines being slightly stretched out wasn’t all that noticeable.
Parker on the other hand.. very noticeable. Everything he wears that’s already been worn is the right length.. but the neck just hangs on him like it’s 4 sizes too big. With all of the drool that pours out of him on a regular basis and the massive amount of sweat that seeps from his pores while napping, the neck holes end up so big by the middle of the day that it hangs off of one shoulder like he’s auditioning for a role in the re-make of Flashdance.

I tried not to care about it in the beginning.. but it’s just so sad to see him swimming in clothes (although very cute) every single day. I started feeling like a crappy parent. Not for putting him in hand me downs, but for putting him in hand me downs that didn’t even come close to fitting him right. It got to the point where I couldn’t even bear to put him in those shirts anymore. Pants that are so loose around the waist that his butt is constantly hanging out is one thing- that I don’t think can be fixed by new clothes.. he’s just too skinny and they don’t make adjustable waists in 12 month clothing.

Shirts I just had to suck up and go out and buy Parker new ones. Really I don’t mind all that much.. I have a deep seeded obsession with shopping and buying baby/kids clothing. Both boys have more clothes than I could ever even DREAM of having.. but it sucks to have so many really nice hand me downs from Holden that probably won’t fit thanks to his fat head and massive shoulders. Maybe it will be different with long sleeved clothing- we haven’t delved into the hand me downs I have in that drawer yet.. but the weather is unusually cold right now so i’ll find out very very soon if I have to suck it up some more and buy all new winter clothes for Parker, too.

Blah! I really don’t want to!

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