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I have two vivid memories from under the age of 4, and only two. I’m not sure if that’s a lot to remember from such a young age and below, or if it’s a lot.. but it’s all i’ve got.
Both I find a little strange to remember, but i’ve never claimed to be normal.

The first would be learning to talk. Not little words specifically- but one word. Spider. I couldn’t say it. My S’s were F’s, so Spider always came out “Fighter.” I can clearly remember sitting on my kitchen floor, underneath the drawer that held the utensils.. practicing with my Mom. At one point she even pulled out a spoon. “Foon!” I replied.

Learning to talk isn’t what I would consider a common childhood memory, but the next gets even stranger. Not to me, but to most- it would not be regular in the slightest. It might be weird. it might even be crazy to you.. but Halloween nearing and all the ghost, goblins, monsters and aliens shows being shown on TV- it always reminds me of this memory, and always makes me want to talk about it and my other experiences. Even if no one believes me.

My second childhood memory is waking up in the house I grew up in, in the middle of the night. I’m not sure why I woke up, but I can very vividly remember looking out the window and seeing a ghost. Yes, a ghost. Luminescent and white. Vague.. partially seethrough. I don’t remember the specifics of exactly what it looked like.. I just know 100% that I was awake. I was not dreaming. This was not my imagination. Being so young, the only thing I could think to do was to pull the covers over my head and sing the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme song to myself. I did that for what felt like forever, and when I finally had the nerve to pull the covers back down- it was gone.

If that had been my one and only experience, perhaps I could write it off as just being little and scared and imagining things.. but that was only the beginning of a very long road of paranormal experiences.
From that moment on, it seemed as though I was being harassed my a malevolent force. Something wanted me terrified. Sometimes it would happen every night for months.. and other times i’d go a year without experiencing anything. But it never went away while I lived in that house. And I wasn’t a child that spooked easily, not at first anyways. My brother was the one who was scared of the dark, not me.

In that house, after witnessing an apparition, I experienced everything from footsteps, to voices, to loud banging when no one was home, to object manipulation- things moving before my eyes when no one was touching them, lights cutting off and back on on their own, a doll I thought was possessed, furniture shaking.. Everything. I spent many nights crying myself to sleep because it seemed as though they were toying with me, coming after me. Most nights I spent feeling as though something was watching me.. and because of that I could not walk into a room without reaching in and flicking the light on first.

I’ve never been the type to believe in something without seeing it first.. but I have never even had the chance to be a skeptic of the paranormal. I have always known it to be true.

Now I think I not only lived in an area close to a lot of death (Yorktown), but I had a very thin veil to ‘the other side.’
And I believe that ability, if that’s what you wish to call it, can be inherited. And I think Holden inherited it. It doesn’t appear that Parker did, but Holden I can say for sure has a very thin veil, just as I did.
I’ve witnessed him talking to people who aren’t there, telling me there is a man under his bed. The Reddits experience is just one example of me witnessing him experience things so often that I jumped the gun. And Holden is what I would consider ‘behind’ on jumping on the imagination bandwagon, so when he says he’s seeing something, or I hear him arguing with something that isn’t there- I believe him.
It started very young- with him following things with his eyes around his room as an infant.. escalating to hearing voices through his baby monitor (and not ones that can be explained away by saying it may have been picking up a phone call).
I don’t want to ignore his experiences like my parents did with me, because that really only made my childhood experiences more terrifying.. but do I really want to encourage him? I don’t want him living in fear of the things he may hear or see. His veil may get thicker as time goes on, or he may end up like one of those children on “Psychic Kids”, with his veil getting thinner as he gets older. I have no idea which way it will go. I just know that I believe.

Even still, I have moments where I sense something is watching me. Something is behind me. Moments at night where I go to the bathroom and have the urge to run back to my bed where I feel safe before I see something or hear something.

Do you believe?

I am very passionate to this day about the paranormal. I long to be a part of a ghost hunting team, just to confirm what I saw and heard as a child.
It sucks that the things I am so passionate about it doesn’t appear I can make a living from. Music? Ghosts? Can’t I be passionate about something more widely accepted??

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