Bright and early this morning was Parker’s evaluation (or really re-evaluation) with the Early Intervention program.. which if he and we qualified, would provide us with occupational therapy in our home for free.
The whole bright and early thing should have been my first indication of a bad experience.
To get the boys fed and myself fed, dressed, out the door and to an appointment at a place i’d never been to before by 9am never sounds like a fun or easy thing to do. It’s a mad rush. And my stomach was not pleased with me for it. So displeased in fact, that it made us late getting out of the house.
Worried we’d be late and the appointment would end up getting canceled, I rushed out of the door with the kids, got them in the car, and immediately started driving.. only to realize all at once that A) there was very little gas in the car and B) I had forgotten my phone. Instantly I was ticked off. I worried about running out of gas in an area I was not only unfamiliar with, but I knew wasn’t exactly the best area to run out of gas in.. and not having a phone to call anyone with.

On my way there I was flooded with people on the road who should NEVER be allowed to have licenses. At one point I was being tailgated so closely that when I slowed down even slightly to try and get into the next lane- I heard massive tire screeching and horn blaring.
If you didn’t want to hit me, you shouldn’t have followed so closely! Idiot! I gave him a big fat middle finger. Good influence for the children, I know.

I was relieved to get off of the interstate and away from that psycho- and to be close to the location of the office.. which meant my stressful journey was nearly at an end.. if only I could find parking. There was literally NONE. The one spot open was for a vehicle half the size of mine. I had to park all the way in the back with the work vehicles.. having no idea whether or not we’d be towed away.. and knowing i’d have no phone to call for help if that were to happen. Sigh.

Only positive was that we made the appointment on time and were immediately called back. Everyone was very nice. The boys were in good moods for once.

We went back into something like a small conference room with toys that looked old enough to have been played with by MY parents. The lady we spoke with was nice. We went over all of the details of what Parker had been through and his issues now and what my concerns were.
Funny thing was- she came to a different conclusion than the previous OT. With what Parker DOES eat, she doesn’t think he has a texture aversion, but instead an “atypical food aversion.” While I have somewhat of a grasp of what that means.. it’s too hard for me to explain and have it make sense to anyone else. The final idea is the same though- he isn’t eating enough of what he IS eating, and isn’t eating enough variety. So he does need help.

The next step was talking about cost. Say what? I thought the service was free! Apparently not for everyone. Sigh again. The whole reason we left the last service was because we couldn’t afford it. She started talking insurance costs and all kinds of things that went over my head- but then came to a page where it showed income brackets and what it would cost for each. Our income with our family size was in a bracket that had “$0” for cost. I’m not totally positive with our insurance, after all the crap she spewed out in a few short minutes, that it WILL cost us nothing, but it seems that way. I’ll have to have Thomas take a look at it.

Holden and Parker were both pretty well behaved until the tail end of the appointment.. and then started fighting over toys, LOUDLY. I couldn’t concentrate on anything being said after that.

The drive home was far less eventful, I just had to immediately stop for gas or all hope would be lost. I left feeling pretty hopeful about the situation. The next step is to have two therapists come out to the house and really see what Parker can and can’t do, get more of a sense of what he’s like in his own environment, which I like. I also felt good because she showed me where Parker scored from the initial evaluation, and while he doesn’t walk or talk- he scores above average in pretty much every area (other than eating)- especially communication. Even without speaking, the kid is advanced in communication. Go Parker!

Now we’re waiting for an appointment to open up. I don’t know when that will be. They don’t have many OTs because they usually specialize in speech and behavior and physical therapy.. none of which Parker needs.

Hopefully sooner rather than later. I become more and more repulsed by stage 3 baby food every single day. I might start dry heaving at it soon if he doesn’t start eating real people food!

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