Pumpkin picking and Firehouse visiting

Today was a day of just doing things for the kids. Any time we do kid stuff all day, I am always completely exhausted by the end of the day. Way to make me feel old!

We decided yesterday that we’d go ahead and go to the pumpkin patch today. Last year we waited until mid October to go.. and it was a BAD decision. The Saturday before we went was warm and sunny and fabulous.. but we’d decided to go the next day. It rained that night and apparently had a cold snap, so when we went it was muddy and very cold- and since it was later in October there weren’t many pumpkins left to choose from. And all the HUGE ones (called “prize winners”), the ones people love to get photos of with their kids, were gone. It was still fun, but with a 2 year old and a newborn.. and the crappy weather, it left a lot to be desired.

I knew this weekend would be warm (or at least it was forcasted it would be), it’s early enough in october to where there should have been TONS of pumpkins left, so it seemed like the perfect time to go. And for once I was right! Go me!
However, I didn’t expect it to be SO warm. In the blazing sun I felt like I wanted to die.. but Holden was SO excited by all the hay, and Parker absolutely LOVED the hay ride (I was shocked, thought he’d be terrified), and Holden’s obsession with tractors definitely helped him get even more excited since there were tractors EVERYWHERE.
Just as suspected, there were huge pumpkins all over the place. The biggest ones i’ve ever seen in person. To Holden, every pumpkin was “the biggest pumpkin i’ve ever seen!”- which cracked up the girl working on the hayride.

He couldn’t decide which pumpkin he wanted. Last year we let Holden pick a little pumpkin for himself, so we did the same this year. He chose like four different ones and then would walk away from them after pulling them into the trail. We also get a big pumpkin just to carve.. I wanted this creepy gross looking green one, but we decided on a regular jack-o-lantern pumpkin.
Both kids got totally filthy but had a blast playing (and sitting) on the pumpkins. We bought fresh watermelon and apple cider.. and then before dying of heatstroke, we left and went to grab a bite to eat.

On the way home, we noticed one of the firehouses near us was having an open house. All the trucks parked out in the parking lot for all the kids to come and see, crafts, fire safety classes… the works. Unfortunately it was nap time, so we couldn’t go right then.. but I knew with Holden’s insane obsession with all things firetruck that we HAD to try and go. I just hoped and prayed that the open house would still be going on once the boys woke from nap time. I googled it and found out the open house was over at 4.. which is a little under an hour after the boys nap time- so once they woke up it was a mad rush to get out of the house and on the way to the station.

Luckily we got there and the place was still crawling with parents and kids. Holden was like.. well.. a kid in a candy store. He LOVED it. He wanted to inspect every single fire engine.. actually he wanted to “drive” every single one- but I guess after the H1N1 outbreak they don’t let kids inside of the trucks anymore. Not easy to explain to a 3 year old, but with all the stuff going on he didn’t complain. Just ran around in his plastic fire hat and sticker badge.. attempting to touch absolutely everything.
Parker wasn’t so enthralled with the experience- but he was stuffing his face with a snack so I think he had a pretty good time too. Kid loves snack time.

Holden was SO upset to leave the firehouse that we asked him if there was ANYTHING else he wanted to do once we left (since we had some time to kill).. and like the weird kid he is, he wanted to go to the mall- while wearing his fire hat the whole time.
We browsed, got a frosty that I swear Parker ate the majority of, got Thomas a new jacket (since apparently his coworkers make fun of his current one.. even though it’s in style and I see it in all of the stores) and then went home.

Sitting down was the BEST feeling in the world. my legs were killing me. It was also great and hilarious to watch Holden carry his little pumpkin around EVERYWHERE (and naming it ‘Tear’) while wearing his fire hat, that he got incredibly mad when anyone touched and moved the placement on his head. Even Parker wanted to wear the fire hat, and put the thing on his own head.

A very LONG day.. but a very good day. I think the pumpkin patch next year will be even better.. man I love Halloween time!

Somehow it has once again gotten late and I don’t have photos uploaded yet.. so those, once again, will have to wait for tomorrow!
‘Til then!

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