Poor Parker

Parker is having a self pitying week.. as am I considering I am writing this blog from a computer I HATE blogging from since my computer hates me and itself so much that I can’t get it to work or restart or run my browser without freezing. Piece of crap.

Seems we can’t catch a break!
Parker’s had it rough since 3 months of age, with really no letting up for any long period of time.. but this week he’s just got everything bad!

His eczema is acting up worse than i’ve ever seen it. Usually it’s contained to his cheeks, upper arms, and sometimes his thighs.. and it’s not usually so terrible that I cringe- but this week, I don’t know what’s going on but it is bad EVERYWHERE. He looks like a pubescent teen on his face, his arms and whole legs are covered in huge ugly bumps, and nothing we use is making it any better. Likewise, nothing we DON’T use is making it any better. He gets special body wash, special lotion, special laundry detergent- and still it’s the worst i’ve ever seen. Holden has eczema too and i’ve never seen his get as bad as Parker’s is this week.

Add that to him now teething on some more upper teeth that is making him once again Pod Baby.. evil to the whole world and not letting anyone do anything unless he is being carried along for the ride.

Oh, and the diaper rash- which could be because of the teething.. is so bad that I can’t even touch his little rear end without cringing, pulling away and screaming. When Thomas is home, I literally RUN AWAY so I don’t have to do the diaper changes just because I had seeing and causing him so much pain. No butt paste or diaper rash creme is making it any better either. It just stays bad.

He’s just so irritable due to all of those facts that everything leads to a freak out. You can’t pick him up and pull him away from what he’s doing, you can’t try to feed him.. you can’t take a piss. Nothing. He just whines, screams, and shrieks until he gets his way- but nothing seems to be his way because currently nothing makes him happy.
It’s going to be super fun taking him to the Early Intervention evaluation on Thursday! They’re going to see a side of him that rarely comes out. I wonder what they’ll think if they see him in such a rotten mood, one that’s not typical of him. They might suggest an exorcism instead of occupational therapy.

Anyways, that’s all I have time for. Now I have to go throw my laptop against a wall, light it on fire, and dance on the ashes.

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