One small leap

As you may have read, it’s a huge fight to get Parker to try ANYTHING new. Whether it be a toy he’s apprehensive about, shoes, hats.. doesn’t really matter what it is- if he’s not used to it, he won’t be having any of it.
Obviously our largest struggle has always been food. Constant topic on the blog, constantly weighing on my mind.. constantly writing about it to try and gather my thoughts on the whole matter.

Along with the food battle has been a serious power struggle over milk. I started to think Parker would NEVER take to it the way he reacted to it. And while I don’t really have that high an opinion of doctors right now- I decided to take a leap of faith and take the GI doctor’s advice. To let Parker’s thirst outweigh his stubbornness. I probably wouldn’t have taken it as far as he suggested, which is 24 hours of letting Parker wait it out until he got SO thirsty he’d be willing to drink anything I gave him.
Luck was on my side because after just a few hours of not giving in and giving him water- he started taking sips of the sippy full of a 1/2 milk 1/2 water mixture. It wasn’t much, but it was better than having him shaking his head back and forth violently and then dry heaving once I managed to get even a drop in. ANY improvement was a welcomed one at that point.

Each day he’s gotten a little bit better at drinking the milk, but still nowhere near where he needs to be. Again, not quite sure the 16-20 ounces suggested by the GI is totally accurate.. That’s a lot of liquid to be drinking out of a sippy.. but just to be safe i’ve still been giving him bottles of formula. Definitely not something I ever expected or wanted to be doing. Not much formula, mind you, but enough to get him the calories he needs from a “nutritious beverage.”

Two nights ago we ran out of formula right at bed time. Thomas suggested I just stick some milk in the bottle to make up the difference. I rolled my eyes. Seriously? He BARELY drinks milk as it is, you REALLY think he’s going to accept it in a bottle when he’s expecting formula?
And then he drops the bomb on me- the formula Parker had been eating all day had milk in it because we didn’t have enough to make the days worth to begin with (we make all the formula for the day at once). And Parker had eaten it just fine all day.. even more than normal actually. Shock and bewilderment! The kid DOES like milk, he just pretends he doesn’t.. because he hates to act like he likes new things. Hates to try new things. Tricking him seems to be the key.

Unfortunately tricking him with table food is not so successful or easy to do. He likes to feed himself with a fork.. but tires out easily and refuses to eat after about 5 good minutes of eating table food and then the screaming and head thrashing begins.

He has his first Occupational Therapy appointment next week.. so hopefully that will solve that problem. Not immediately, but at least he’ll be on the right track. The milk is a start.. but I want it all!

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