Occupational Therapy.. Round 2, part 1?

While I still wholly believe that Parker will benefit from going to Occupational Therapy.. after a week like last week- going to where we’re going.. it’s just not going to work for us.

As suspected- Them not charging us on our first visit was a mistake. When I showed up this past week, I got charged a lovely $30 fee, and then told i’d be receiving a bill for another $30. Yay!

I wasn’t too optimistic about how the appointment was going to go, just because Parker had been in an absolutely ROTTEN mood that morning, didn’t nap.. and just wasn’t having any part of ANYTHING.
And just as expected, he refused to do anything at the appointment. Wouldn’t sit in the highchair, wouldn’t eat what she gave him.. he was just in a mood. The only thing that got accomplished was going over her report and her findings and signing it. Waste of $30.
I honestly can’t see how it’s right or fair to pay $30 when nothing gets done. Those kinds of appointments should just be written off.. but that’s not how it works with CHKD.

So immediately after the appointment, I called Thomas and told him we needed to look into the Virginia Early Intervention program, which is generally free.. and try to get in because no way was I going to pay another $30 for nothing.

Of course, the GI doctor that originally referred us to OT wouldn’t refer us to Early Intervention, we had to go through our pediatrician. And surprisingly it all got done very quickly.. at least the referral stage did.
We have to go through yet ANOTHER evaluation.. to see if Early Intervention thinks he even needs therapy, and then to look at our finances and figure out if we can get it for free. Sigh.. I thought it was ALL free. They’re pretty positive we won’t have to pay considering we’re a 1 income household, but you just never know with these things.

Our evaluation is Thursday morning.. which means we either have to go to Parker’s original OT appointment at CHKD on Tuesday morning, or cancel it and chance not getting in, or getting in and having to wait however long for the first in-home appointment.
Plus we have to fill out about 14 pages of paperwork, most of which doesn’t apply to Parker. I hate paperwork! I wish I could just take the VERY LONG evaluation from the original OT and give them that and call it a day. It has everything they could ever want to know in it.. she was incredibly thorough- which also makes me feel bad because she did all that work and took all that time writing up her report basically for nothing.

I just hope we get in.. and don’t have to pay. That’s really the only way this is going to work for us. Although it will be weird to have a stranger in our house hovering and observing- it’s for the best. To see Parker in his natural environment, and how he reacts to everything we attempt to give him.. HAS to be the easiest way to evaluate and help him.

Words can not describe how much I loathe feeding an almost 13 month old baby food. So tired of it ruining his clothes, getting all over my hands and the floor and everything else.. and having to feed him at a different time than Holden and I because it’s just too difficult to get both kids to eat two different things at once. He’s gotten in a little bit better, in that he will actually TASTE things now instead of refusing to even touch them.. but he still rarely, if ever, swallows anything new. Just chews it and spits it out.. or just tastes it and spits it out. It seems like it’s still going to be a VERY long road to get him 100% on table food.

On a light note- I finally got the cookies I won today! I don’t know what in the world i’m going to do with TWENTY FOUR bags of cookies.. but it’s still pretty cool to have won something. Good luck for once??

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