Meh… not so bad

Parker’s appointment today with the Occupational Therapist didn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know- but it didn’t go so bad.

We got called back pretty quickly, met the therapist- and got taken back to a room labeled as “The Quiet Room.”
Thought that was pretty strange.. but whatever. She let Holden pick some toys out of this HUGE toy closet to keep him busy while she observed Parker.

usually in public he is VERY iffy about being put on the ground. More often than not, he’ll cry for me to pick him back up immediately.. especially when there is a stranger in the room. Not in the quiet room. He started crawling around and playing immediately. Which was good, because we had to answer a barrage of questions about why exactly we were there, what the concerns are.. how much does he eat, what does he eat, when does he eat.. how does he act when he doesn’t want to eat something. Just a ton of questions that were sort of hard to answer because Parker has the strangest eating habits.

After the interrogation was through, she had us put him in a highchair and give him the snack we’d brought for him (we were instructed to bring things he likes to eat). She watched him very closely. Not sure what she was looking for exactly. Then she walked to a cupboard and started pulling out other stuff for him to try. A stage 3 jar of green beans and rice (one of his favorites) and a little container of pear pieces.
He ate a little bit of the green beans and rice, I didn’t expect him to eat a lot.. it was his snack time but he generally only eats a light snack. He started spitting it back out after a few bites.
Parker loves fresh fruit, but has always reacted negatively toward the fruit that comes in the little cups packed in water or syrup. Not sure why that is. Again, the kid is weird.
He put one piece in his mouth and spit it back out. Did the same with the next. Of course while we were talking and she wasn’t watching him- he actually ate a piece.

Her diagnosis.. or whatever it was, her opinion- it wasn’t surprising. After all he’s been through with reflux and RSV and DGE, he has an aversion to certain textures. No problems chewing or swallowing, just doesn’t like trying new things.
She said we had a choice whether to come back and continue therapy.. or to just try the techniques she gave us at home (which is basically just putting real food on his plate, getting his used to it being there, letting him try what he wants. Maybe even mixing things he likes with things he’s never tried before.. which i’ve tried before to no avail).
Obviously all we’ve tried at home hasn’t really gotten us very far.. and while she may not be able to do much more- I suppose I feel more comfortable having someone who’s seen other babies just like him helping us get through it.. so I think we’ll continue to go and see what happens.

The strangest thing is that we didn’t have to pay a copay when we signed in today. We’ve NEVER not had to pay and we go to the same place for pulmonologist appointments and GI appointments and we even used to go there before we switched pediatricians.
I’d bet money on that we end up getting a bill from our insurance in about a month charging us for the copay we for some odd reason didn’t have to pay today. That’s typically how our crap ass insurance works!

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