Makin’ that money.. or trying to anyways

As thankful as I am to be able to bring in even the smallest amount of income (if you can even call it that), I do wish I were getting paid MORE for all the time I spend toiling away on the computer every night.

I get asked quite frequently if writing sponsored blogs and doing surveys is “good money” and I find that an interesting question to have to answer. To be considered “good” money, I think your standards would have to be incredibly low. Even in MY book, it’s nowhere close to being good money!
In my book though, any money is better than no money.. I just wish it were a little MORE money!

From the time the boys go to bed, usually until the time I go to bed- I spend sitting on the computer. Writing blogs.. usually not paid, but to keep up with it, and because I like it. On lucky nights I get a sponsored blog to write and get paid anywhere from $5.00-$25.00 for it.. but with paid blogging, it’s feast or famine. One month I might make over $100, the next month i’m lucky to squeeze out $50. It’s not a lot, but it’s something.. definitely not anything to rely on.

As soon as i’m done with that I log into my email and start attempting to qualify into the 30-some surveys that have been e-mailed to me. Some nights i’ll get into EVERY single one and be busy until past midnight. Better money, but not so good on my sleep. Other nights I won’t qualify into a single solitary survey and make NO money. I think with surveys, the average amount made is about $10 a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
This week i’m especially busy because I qualified into an interactive community where I have to post on a message board every day (answering specific questions asked of me) for something like 2 weeks and they’ll pay me $100. Not bad money and the questions, while there are a LOT of them.. don’t take very long to answer. It helps to type fast.

The good thing about blogging and surveys and all of that.. although it isn’t much money- it’s incredibly flexible. I can do however many or few as I want. Pick and choose which I want to do without penalty. Watch TV and surf the internet while doing it. And I can wait until the boys are asleep to do it. With how little i’d make in the job force these days, and the time spent away from the boys, and the money spent on daycare.. I think the money really evens out.

I’ll always wish it was more per time spent, but for now it works for me.. and i’ll suggest it to any stay at home mom looking for a little extra pocket cash.

Now off I go to toil the rest of my night away!

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