Lucky #11?

Tomorrow morning is Parker’s first appointment with an occupational therapist. Doctor #11! How exciting!
Ok, not really.. but I think it might do good things for Parker, since he still hates table food with a flaming passion. I’m a little miffed about the appointment though.
I found out through a friend that Virginia offers FREE occupational therapy through the state. Were we referred there? Pshhhh no. That’s because the Children’s Hospital ONLY refers within their own special little network. So instead of having a therapist come to our house to see Parker in his own comfortable environment.. for FREE, we have to wake him up from his nap early, and force a snack on him when he’s probably not all that hungry, in a place he’s never been with a person he’s never met. And if you’ve read the blog- you know that he does not think highly of strangers.

So i’m a little urked about the situation. I know he still needs to go.. but I also know that now I need to look into Virginia’s free program, get a referral from one of the many doctors we go to.. and then WAIT to get in there. Meanwhile, we’ll be paying $30 a week to go elsewhere.

On Friday we received a rather large intimidating amount of paperwork we have to fill out for the therapist- thoroughly detailing Parker’s history. Milestones, illnesses, medications, behavior, etc. Pretty intense for a 1 year old.
I don’t know why they don’t make specific pamphlets for different ages, because i’d have to say about 85% of the questions did not apply and made me cock my head in confusion. It’s clear the questions were meant for ages 2+.
How does your child tell you what they want? Do they speak to you? Do they speak in full sentences? When did they learn to walk?
Uhh.. points and grunts.. no, no, doesn’t yet.
While I know none of this stuff applies and it’s just a general questionnaire for any age- it’s frustrating to try and answer or to feel like I SHOULD be able to answer and can’t. I have this fear that we’ll go tomorrow and come out of it feeling like we have a kid who’s behind in everything.. because experience would tell me that doctors LOVE to point out things at appointments for something totally unrelated to what they’re pointing out.

While i’ve been told that this will probably be a long process, i’m hoping to come out tomorrow with a positive outlook on things.. maybe some kind of answer, or some kind of solution.
Who knows?! Fingers crossed.

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