Lots of needles

Another thing to add to the “sucks to have two kids born in the same month” list? Check ups at the same time. Which would be a good thing to get it out of the way all in one visit.. if it weren’t for the shots. Two kids getting stabbed with needles at the same time? Definitely not something to look forward to. Especially since Holden is a little behind in his shots, with Parker’s birth and me putting things off.. and then Parker getting sick- getting Holden caught up (just on the chicken pox vaccine) was the absolute last thing on my mind.
And with Parker being sick for so long.. I don’t want him to EVER get sick again. So while typically we don’t do flu shots in our house, I felt it imperative to have it done this year just to be safe. For Holden that was really no biggie, being that he’s old enough to get the nasal spray.. but it added another needle to the list of needles already being stuck in Parker’s legs.

Parker has a pretty good track record with shots in the past. He cries at first, but as soon as you pick him up he’s just fine. No real crankiness afterward, no spiking a fever. Just an all around trooper.
It’s been so long since Holden has gotten a shot, though, that I had no idea how he’d react. The last time he got one was near his 2nd birthday.. and he was too young to realize what was happening to him. Now he watches EVERYTHING that happens to him and is fully aware that a needle is coming toward him and is going to stab him in the arm.

He got a finger prick at first, and did just fine with that. Even the nurse commented on just how calm he was during the whole ordeal, even compared to older kids. He did great when the doctor was looking in his eyes and ears, mushing on his stomach, checking out the nethers. He’s so used to going to the doctor.. just never for himself. I think he was actually excited that the appointment today was somewhat about him.. that is.. until he saw the basket with all of the needles come toward him. He was noticeably nervous. We all tried to explain to him that it would be somewhat similar to the finger prick- but as soon as that first needle went into his arm he yelled “OOWWWWWWWWW!” and from there he totally lost his composure. We were able to distract him and get him calmed down after all the poking was done- but he lost it again when he saw more needles come out for Parker. Poor thing assumed they were for him.

Parker did just as expected- cried for about a minute and then was just fine.

Our regular pediatrician seemed much more optimistic about his eating than the GI doctor. Said to just keep doing what we’re doing and eventually he’ll realize that table food is great and give up on baby food. I still think it’s important to go to the speech therapist just to make sure. He isn’t gaining much weight, but is still on an ok track compared to his last weigh-ins. Sadly he’s in the 10th percentile for weight, but in the 50th for height. I expected him to be taller! The doctor looked at me and said I was probably a skinny tall baby as well. Not true, I was a FAT baby.. but I can see where the correlation could be made.
Same with Holden as far as not being as tall as I thought. He’s in the 90th for both weight and height, with the sizes he’s in I thought he’d be over 40 inches tall but he’s about 39.5 inches tall. Still tall, just not as tall as I thought.

All in all a good appointment.. just not a fan of all the needles! Also not a fan of Parker crapping himself right before the doctor came in to look at him and all of us, including the nurse, thinking it was another kid down the hall “crapping himself while walking.”

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