Kids get all the good stuff!

In my experiences as a parent and the time i’ve spent shopping and researching and buying and feeding.. I always seem to come away with more questions than answers. Having a kid is like opening Pandora’s Box.
Why is formula SO expensive? Why is baby juice in the little container more expensive than a huge gallon of regular juice when they’re the same exact thing? Why don’t baby socks EVER stay on? Why do baby shoes cost $25 when they’re only going to fit for at most a few months? What is the purpose of going through teething.. only to lose the teeth in 6 years?

So many questions begging to be answered! Of course I know wondering about it all would be pointless, and quite maddening.. since none of those questions even really HAVE answers.

There is one question that REALLY bugs me though. Gets under my skin. Makes me really scratch my head in confusion.
As a baby- you’re trying to get them full of a lot of calories. Of course not as much as an adult, but considering how small a portion is for a 1 year old, and with all of Parker’s current eating issues- i’m always looking at the nutritional value of his food. Mainly calories. Always looking to squeeze in some extra calories wherever I can in his meals.
As an adult- most people are looking to keep calories OUT. Calories are BAD! I’m always trying to find ways to cut calories. Total opposite from Parker.

What i’ve come to notice is that baby snack food? NO CALORIES! Parker could eat like 30 puffs or crunchies or yogurt melts and still not break 30 calories. So much for trying to squeeze in calories, right?
If I ate 30 of ANY kind of adult snack, i’d be pushing 200 calories.. probably even MORE.

Why is it, that babies (some) who need the extra calories.. can’t seem to get it from anywhere because it appears their food is made from rainbows and butterflies and not ACTUAL food.. but us adults who are trying not to be fat-asses can’t find anything that low in calories to much on.. next to unflavored rice cakes- which are disgusting.

Sure, I could probably snack on Parker’s snack foods, eat TWO serving sizes and cut major amounts of calories out of my day.. but i’d go totally broke doing it. Not only are baby snacks lacking in the calorie department- but they are RIDICULOUSLY expensive. Seriously, what am I paying for?? Lightly cinnamon flavored air? Not to mention- they go FAST.

Just proves the point that eating healthy is far too expensive for an adult. It’s much easier and cheaper to be a fatty. I just wish it was cheap and easy for Parker to be a fatty! If I could switch diets with him.. I think we’d both be pretty happy campers in the waist department.

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