Journeying into pumpkinland

There are so many things I love about Halloween season. The decorations, the haunted houses, the costumes, all the creepy TV programming and of course the candy. One thing I ESPECIALLY love is pumpkin. I love all things pumpkin. Pie, bread, cookies.. and it really only comes in season, or is more widely eaten around Halloween and up until Christmas.

While I bake constantly, i’ve never baked with pumpkin. Not one single time. That’s surprising even to me considering how much I love to eat anything with pumpkin in it.. so this year i’m jumping on the pumpkin bandwagon. I found some yummy sounding recipes that I desperately want to try. One i’ve never heard of- pumpkin brownies (two of my favorite things in one!), and then the good old standard- pumpkin cookies. But I suppose they aren’t really all that standard because they call for an ingredient i’ve never seen or heard of before: Pumpkin spice Hershey kisses.
How have I never heard of these wonderful sounding things??

As soon as I saw the recipe called for those I knew I had to try it. Unfortunately for me, they seem impossible to find.
While on our weekly grocery shopping rounds, we looked for them.. and could not find them anywhere. Not at the grocery store, not at Target or Wal-mart, not even at a place that usually has random, strange and hard to find candies- World Market. Not even THEY had them. They’re nowhere! And not being able to find something makes me want to find it even more.

I have no idea where to look that I haven’t already tried, and i’m not going to pay an asinine amount of money to order the things online.
For now it appears I will have to settle for the pumpkin butterscotch brownies (yes they are butterscotch too!) while still being on the lookout for the pumpkin spice hershey kisses.

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