It’s about time they produce some half sizes

As detailed in many previous posts- I have always taken issues with the sizing of baby clothes. No matter the brand- they all have some flaw in them, and none of them are the same. From one brand to the next- the sizing could be, and usually is, completely different. And with a kid like Holden, it’s nearly impossible to plan for the next year (which would be awesome since you can buy things SUPER cheap the year before for your kid to wear the next year). Every time i’ve tried to, i’ve failed miserably.
Take last winter for instance. Holden is rarely ever a perfect size. He is either too big, or too small. His growing never really pauses and makes one size perfect.. even for a short time. It’s either that or he’s too big for one size, but the next size up is just too big until the very end of the season. Fail!

I know from experience that Baby Gap clothes tend to run a little larger than other brands of baby/toddler clothes. So while Holden may be (just for example) a 3t in something like Old Navy, he would only be about a 2T in Baby Gap. The sizing is just THAT much different.. even if they are technically the same company.

Last winter, at the beginning, Holden was wearing 2T pants. I knew they wouldn’t last, so I bought him Baby Gap jeans in size 3T thinking they’d be so large they’d fit him through the end of last winter and into the beginning of this winter.
Unfortunately for me, my planning was only slightly right. Out of all the 3T pants I bought last year, hoping they’d be able to fit this year.. only ONE of them fits- and not even that well.
We’ve been putting him in each pair just to see what he can wear and what he can’t- and either they are far too tight around the waist, or they’re SO short in the legs it would be embarrassing to let him out in public wearing them.
Except the Baby Gap jeans. I suspect those might fit for MAYBE 2-3 more weeks, if that. Just like mommy, Holden has long gangly limbs.

Now the even crappier part is that once I realized the 3t crap just wasn’t going to cut it for the coming cold weather- I prepared a little bit by buying a few pairs of 4t pants. You’d think since he looks like he’s waiting for a flood in 3t, that 4t would be perfect.. right?
There appears to be a 2 size jump between 3T and 4T. Some 4T isn’t SO bad, but for the most part, I have to roll up the legs on all of the pants so he doesn’t trip or drag while he walks. And even for his big round belly, the pants hang. It makes no sense! There was definitely not such a huge gap between 2T and 3T, so what’s the friggin’ deal between 3 and 4??

The clothing companies seriously need to consider making half sizes. Not all kids fit into any perfect size at one time! While I feel like half sizes might be sort of a waste of money.. I suppose it’s better than high waters or saggy droopy hanging pants. And since most kids don’t grow at the rapid pace Holden does, it might just be a worthwhile thing to do. They make half sizes in shoes.. why not clothes??

Parker seems to fit into clothing sizes pretty well (unless they’re used).. but poor Holden has the short end of the stick and ends up looking weird no matter what he wears on his bottom half. Fat man in a little coat.. or one of those kids teachers always yell at to “PULL YOUR PANTS UP!”

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  • i agree with the half sizes. jordan is in between a 12 and 18 month. the 12 month pants are high waters and the 18 month pants do not fit him anywhere, in the waist or the crotch or the legs!

  • Hey, I had the same issues with my son. I got his jeans at either JC Penney or Childrens place, they had adjustable waists and i would roll them a little bit at the bottom if they were too long