I need more eyes

With cold weather upon us, and around us ever so often (it was cold yesterday!) I am trying to get the boys outside every day to let them get their fill of the fresh air and relatively nice weather.. because once winter hits- no way in hell am I taking them outside. I do not deal well with cold weather. I absolutely LOATHE the winter time. No time is more miserable. I hate snow. I hate cold wind. I hate ice. I hate shivering. it’s just all in all a totally awful season in my honest opinion.

Due to sweltering heat, followed by about 2 weeks of rain and saturated muddy grass- the boys and I haven’t been out to play in a good long while.

Usually it’s the same thing. I put down a big blanket or a towel and sit down with Parker. Give him a few toys to climb all over and throw around and he’s set- and we just watch Holden go ass crazy. Parker never had the tendency to go very far which always worked for me- since watching two kids at once is not all that simple of a task. Especially in our yard.
You see, we don’t really have much of a back yard. It is pathetic at best. Narrow, small.. definitely no room for kids to play in. It’s only positive aspect is that it’s fenced in.
Unlike our front yard.. which is where we are forced to play. It is gigantic and on the corner of a pretty busy road. That makes for one seriously paranoid mama.

Watching one kid running around is an easy task. One kid- one pair of eyes.
When I took the boys out to play yesterday (and today for that matter) though, Parker was a totally different child. He went insane. Crawling ALL over the yard, in all directions.
One second he’s crawling over to the car and pulling up on it. The next he’s trying to climb the front (brick) steps. The next he’s attempting to sneak into the bushes. This is all while Holden is off in other directions.

Your mother may have threatened you by saying she had “eyes in the back of her head”- but it’s not true. She only WISHES she did! I definitely could have used an extra pair these past 2 days.

Maybe i’m paranoid, or watch too much court tv- but I just have this extreme paranoia that one of them will wander too far or too close to the road and either get hit or get snatched. This makes me want to hover very closely but it’s hard when neither of them want to be in the same place at the same time. I can’t even imagine how insane it will be when they’re both walking and not just Holden. Parker is easy to catch up with. Holden would be easy if it were just him still on the move- but both at once? Probably a good thing we won’t be living here for more than a year longer- we can get a house with a DECENT sized back yard with a fence so I know the boys can’t go anywhere. At least there’s one bright side to that terrible situation.

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