A Humbug Halloween

In general, I dislike the holidays. I call myself Scrooge or the Grinch, that’s how much I dislike the holidays. I’m always sick, or breaking out in a rash.. or there’s some kind of freak snowstorm causing our power to go out for days at a time. I just don’t like them, and they don’t appear to like me.

The one bright shining star in the storm of holiday season is Halloween. I love Halloween. It’s fun, it’s spooky and it’s full of candy.

This year may just change my mind. I knew yesterday that I was starting to get sick. Just had this feeling about it. I couldn’t breathe out of my nose and felt gross and achy. Holden started to cough too.
Great, sick for Halloween? How did this happen?? I have bad luck, but i’ve NEVER been sick for Halloween.

I felt ok for the haunted house last night.. not great, but ok enough to go out and enjoy myself for a little while.
When I went to bed, though, I couldn’t breathe out of my nose. It was a miserable sleep. I probably snored.

When I woke up I felt like absolute crap. On weekend mornings I always cook, just tradition. I didn’t even have the energy to do that. Holden was coughing more, but as usual- when he gets sick it doesn’t really seem to phase him. Lucky.

The day didn’t go well. The boys were doing their damndest to have a brat contest. Both whining, crying and being evil all day long. With my foggy head and worn down feeling it was almost impossible to handle.
To add insult to injury, we received a letter in the mail, not anything specific, just a stock letter… From the IRS. Nothing good can come from the IRS.
It was a letter saying “Oh hey, you know that tax credit you got? Don’t forget.. if this, this, or this happens- you’ll have to pay it back! All of it!”
We were promised, swore up and down that there was no way we’d ever have to pay back the tax credit because we obviously won’t be making any kind of profit off the sale of the house when we are forced out next September.. but the letter is ominous. I don’t know if any of the conditions apply to us and our weird situation- but it definitely seems like we’re 100% screwed. Our credit just turned into a loan. A loan we can’t afford. Of course we’re going to call the stupid IRS to be 100% positive.. but I don’t imagine the conversation will go in our favor.

After that? I lost my keys, still couldn’t find pumpkin spice kisses, started feeling even MORE sick.. kids got even brattier..
Just one stupid thing after another. I even popped B-12 pills to try and push this crap out of my system.. but i’m not feeling any different. Actually I take that back, I am.. my stomach is sick.

Usually I look forward to trick or treating.. but now i’m just not sure how i’m going to be able to power through it if I feel this sick. It’s going to be totally miserable. And the promise of candy doesn’t help since i’m so congested that I can’t even taste anything.

Another holiday seemingly ruined by sickness and bad luck. Sigh…

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