Girls Night?

In the art of full disclosure- I can tell you that I am WAY out of the loop on what is considered “cool” or “fun” things to do at night. I haven’t been out in so long that when I think about maybe going out.. I have no idea what i’d even do. My general idea of a good time these days is browsing the toy isle at Target. I’m just that lame.
I try to keep up with the latest fashions although I can’t afford them.. just to make sure I don’t look like a hot mess while grocery shopping- but to go out for a night on the town? I’m totally clueless.

I have too much pride, and not enough of it to go dancing. Not exactly my idea of a good time. Going out drinking? Meh, I don’t know that that would be a smart idea either. Seems that when i’m at home I know my boundaries, but around friends the act of social drinking becomes too much of a factor and I become one of those stupid mouthy emotional drunks.

What else is there to do?

It’s been so long since i’ve even considered going out, that I stopped considering it as a possibility. And I don’t really have many close girl friends these days that i’d be comfortable asking to go out without feeling like a charity case.

I suppose Thomas saw that as a cry for help.. and went behind my back to set up a ‘play date’ with a friend’s wife and myself without consulting me first.
Of course, pride got the best of me, and when I first found out what he’d been doing.. I was livid. I felt like a huge loser. Someone who was seen as the type who didn’t have enough friends to actually be ASKED to go out, so it had to be done FOR me.. out of pity.

I stayed pretty angry about the whole thing, but mostly embarrassed.. until I had a long talk with my friend and his wife and it turned out.. he’d done the same thing for her because she’s pretty much the same way as me. So I felt much better about the situation then.. and although i’m still a little sour at Thomas for going behind my back about it, I can see that he had good intentions- and i’m actually pretty excited to get out of the house, sans kids, sans husband.. and have some good old fashioned girl time.

The fact that she doesn’t have girls nights either.. still leaves us both with the same question. What in the world do we do?? Where will we go?

Only thing i’ve come up with thus far is going to the movies to see a chick flick, and then maybe getting some dessert afterward. Doesn’t that seem sort of date-y, though? I watch so much damn TV at home, do I really want to sit in front of another screen? I definitely don’t want to browse the isles at Target again.

Any suggestions from those of you who get to get out and away more often? What’s fun to do these days?

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