Butting heads

Sorry for the non-blogging last night. I had intended not to write a blog and enjoy my girls night out- but I had also intended to write a little note that there wouldn’t be a blog and forgot to. Whoops! So scatter brained lately.

With both boys constantly on the move, I tend to forget to do things more often. Always having to keep an eye out for Parker getting his hand caught in the desk drawer as he seems to do all the time.. or trying to break up an argument of sorts between the two- which is an increasing occurrence.

Before, when Parker was immobile and unable to really get the things he actually wanted to play with- the boys never had any issue with each other. Holden would bring Parker toys to play with, get him anything he needed or wanted regardless of whether or not it was something Holden wanted to be playing with at the time. Loved being the helpful big brother.

Once Parker was able to be up and moving around on his own, it seems it has put somewhat of a strain on their relationship. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Parker doesn’t need, or really want as much help from big brother Holden anymore, so Holden may be feeling put out or left out.. but Holden is also at an incredibly stubborn age, where he wants what he wants when he wants it.. and usually doesn’t want it until Parker is playing with it.
“No that’s mine!”- and ‘mine’ is considered a 4 letter word in our house, or “go play with something else!”.. or something equally as snotty and obnoxious.
The older Parker gets, the more he actually cares when things he’s playing with are suddenly taken from him. It used to be that you could take something from him, and as long as you replaced it with something else he’d be fine. Now, like Holden, he wants what he wants when he wants it. No substitutions allowed. Holden still tries to pull the old switcheroo on him, but Parker shrieks at him for it. The shrieking sound is NOT a pleasant sound to hear, so I try to quash those situations as soon as possible. Sometimes they both come out of it happy, but I can’t say it’s not common that one will end up crying or pouting about it.

Don’t get me wrong- they still absolutely adore each other, and when they play together they do so fabulously- but their age gap and comprehension gap and maturity gap gets the better of them at least twice a day.

Parker doesn’t understand that he can’t always play with what Holden is playing with. Doesn’t understand that some toys are really just one person at a time type toys. And his only way to express his frustration is to scream and cry.
Holden on the other hand is old enough to know better on all of those counts, but is at that lovely age where he disregards knowing better and would rather just be bratty about it. He has no interest in a toy until Parker is playing with it, and will walk right up and snatch it away. He’ll be playing with something first, and Parker will crawl up to him and want to play and Holden will basically just yell at him when he very well knows that Parker does not in fact know better.

I’m pretty sure they’ll both simmer down once Parker starts walking and being able to verbally express himself, and understand on a little bit of a higher level.. and when Holden isn’t intentionally acting like a turd during most of his waking hours.

For now, it’s diffuse diffuse diffuse!

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