Bipedal rampage

I suppose Parker’s at that median age where most babies start to walk. Some earlier, some later- but right around 1 year is the average.
Is he walking? No… But you couldn’t convince him of that. The kid really just thinks he can do way more than he actually can. I applaud him for thinking so, and for being so confident in himself.. but it makes for a lot of unnecessary booboo’s, and has put a bright red target on my shins.

Anything at Parker’s height that can be rolled, pushed, scooted, or shoved in a forward direction.. has become a projectile. Always aimed at me, and usually while i’m not looking.

At least he isn’t as bad as Holden just yet. Holden used to take his little chair we feed him in on the floor, grab on to the back.. and go screaming up and down the hallway. One end he’d slam into the baby gate.. usually knocking it over since it sucked. The other end he’d slam into the sliding glass door. Back and forth, back and forth to his heart’s content. A lot of times he’d fall over or trip and go crashing to the ground. After a few minutes of hysterical screaming he’d be right back to pushing that thing around all over again.

Parker has yet to figure out the chair trick. Holden puts it away right after he eats, so I don’t think he’ll ever get the chance to push that thing around. Much to my joy- since it made the most obnoxious scraping sound on earth when Holden used to do it. If you leave it out too long.. he does tend to make a bee line for it.
He mainly sticks to things with wheels. And since practically everything Holden owns has wheels, it makes it pretty easy for Parker to go flying through the house. Usually too fast for his little legs to keep up with- so he falls to his knees and just keeps on truckin’.

He finds that knocking me over by crashing into my legs the most hilarious thing on earth. Me? Not so much. I have sensitive shins! I may need to invest in shin guards or it might start looking like i’ve been beat in the legs repeatedly with a stick.

I imagine things will be much less dangerous around here once Parker starts to walk on his own and not relying on things that can cause me bodily harm.. but he enjoys it so much, who knows when he’ll decide to let go of his projectiles and just go for it.

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