At long last we meet again

There will be no “real” blog this evening, for I am finally getting to do one of my FAVORITE things on earth to do at Halloween time.. well, after I became too old to actually go trick or treating myself, and before I had kids..

Haunted houses, duh!

There’s nothing better than being scared.. well, when you know it’s for entertainment purposes at least. You put me on Scare Tactics and convince me it’s real? I’ll crap my pants. No one wants that.

But yes, off to a haunted house I finally go this evening! It will probably be cheesy and stupid, but i’ll guarantee it will be fun. Plus, after having two kids with their brattiness at Terror Level Red, I need an evening out of this place. It’s breeding bad energy.

Tomorrow is pumpkin carving and perhaps some trick or treating at City Center (fancy pants place around here).. and then Sunday is the magic wonderful Halloween, and the one of many nights I live vicariously through my children, and steal all of their candy while they sleep.

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