Still in hot water

Just as last time, our sick baby slept through the night like an angel. Weird how he can feel so nasty but sleep all night and not wake up.. or maybe he woke up and just didn’t make enough noise to call us to attention.

Unfortunately his day didn’t go quite as well as the night. His fever wasn’t as high in the morning, 100.5 (I thought Thomas said 105, about crapped my pants).. but he was feeling pretty bad and wasn’t keeping it a secret.

He ate breakfast well, which surprised me.. a good surprise- but he whined, cried, and screamed all morning. Gobbled down his morning bottle (which he has not done in who knows HOW long) and passed straight out.

When he woke up, he was once again burning up. Fever had gone back up to 101.5.. and sadly he was even more miserable than before.
Lunch did not go as good as breakfast.. and snack time even worse. He wouldn’t eat a single bite of anything. Just absolutely miserable.
I was tempted to take him outside, because he just seems to like being outside so much- but with it being pretty warm, and him being really HOT- it didn’t seem like the best of ideas.

So inside we stayed, where Parker was either collapsed in my lap sucking his thumb or crying hysterically.
Other than give him tylenol and make sure he was getting what seemed like a ridiculous amount of water there was nothing I could do for him. That has to be the worst feeling for a parent- helplessness. The fever wasn’t high enough to warrant calling a doctor, but was high enough to make him miserable.

After his next nap, he woke up even WORSE. So hot it was hard to touch him. 102.7, the highest temp yet. We immediately called the doctor. Neither of my kids have ever had a temperature that high.
Of course, as I thought, they told us we’re doing everything right. The temperature isn’t high enough to be considered worrisome, la de da. Then we told him about Holden having Roseola at the same exact age and this is how it started.
And what did he tell us? Roseola has been going around. There’s no telling for sure if that’s what Parker has unless his fever breaks and he is suddenly covered from head to toe in rash.. but it would fit. Mother’s intuition?

If he has a rough night tonight, and a fever in the morning we’re going to have to take him in to be seen. If not, it’s just a “wait and see” situation. Sucky. I hate seeing him feel so bad, not knowing how long it will last.. and thinking he could be totally miserable for his birthday party. There’s nothing right about that!

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