Spoke too soon

Gotta hate those moments in life where as soon as you say something like “well, it could have been worse!” or “at least THAT didn’t happen!” .. it does get worse, or it does happen. Makes you wish you’d knocked on wood, thrown salt over your shoulder.. looked at the clock at 11:11 and made a wish, crossed your fingers, not stepped on any cracks, so on and so forth- just to make sure you didn’t jinx yourself.

I’ve gotten to the point where it seems like my luck is SO ridiculously bad, I fear saying any good news out loud in fear that as soon as I do.. it will backfire. And so far, it always has.

Take today for instance. Just another example of our world of FAIL.

In order to ease our minds, and to be able to actually send out the boys birthday party invites with confidence of where we’ll be living- Thomas and I have been trying to get answers from the bank/broker/agent assigned to our house to find out WHAT the hell is going on.
After him telling us more than once that he didn’t know anything yet Thomas talked to him and basically told him “Look, we’re trying to plan our kids birthday party and we need to know if we’ll be living here or not so we can send out the invites.”
He told us point blank that he didn’t see anything happening for a few weeks at least, and that he was pretty positive we’d still be living here through this month (IF we can’t rent the house).. and that we could go ahead and plan to have the party here.
Big relief, since that’s been one of my main concerns. Definitely not an answer of whether or not we can stay for good, but at least it was something.

Of course, as soon as I spread the ‘good’ news on facebook and discussed it with friends.. I saw a red car screech up in front of our house. This isn’t totally unusual.. as we live on a corner and a lot of random people stop there to get situated, or make a call, or do whatever it is they do before they actually pull out onto the main road.. but I saw this guy shuffling around paperwork and I knew it couldn’t be a good thing.
I’ve learned from experience with this house that when you see someone pull up with paperwork, it typically ends in bad news.

Sure enough, he got out of his car and walked up to our front door and proceeded to pound on it for 5 minutes. Not that I would have answered anyways since i’m a woman home alone with two boys and i’m paranoid about opening the door for strangers- but even more so, Parker was asleep in my arms.. and no WAY was I going to wake the sleeping sourpuss just to answer the door and be delivered more bad news. We’ve had enough bad news for a lifetime, thank you!

Thomas got home a few minutes after the random guy left, and pulled the paperwork off of the door. Turns out the broker/agent assigned by the bank was left out of the loop just as much as we have been. His estimate that we will be in the house for the boys birthday could be wrong. His estimate that we wouldn’t hear anything for weeks about renting the house was DEFINITELY wrong.

The paperwork on the door was from the property management company assigned by the bank. “URGENT!!” .. isn’t it always?
Thomas called them immediately.

We now have to let these people into our house on Tuesday so they can look around and decide whether or not to rent to us. They seem to think, just by looking at the outside of the house, that it’s in a “state of disrepair”.. and just by looking at the outside, seem to think the roof could be leaking. I think we’d know if the roof is leaking.. it’s not. Not that we can see anyways.
Either they’ll come in, look around, and decide to rent to us- forcing us to sign a lease on the spot for whatever price they decide when looking at the space and comparing to other houses in the area.. Or they’ll see that there are repairs that need to be made to bring the house up to code, make it livable, etc.. And then they’ll get estimates. If those estimates come back at too high a cost to make renting profitable for them.. they’ll boot us out and put the house on the market “as is”. Why repair the house at a high cost for a low rent when you can sell it on the cheap without fixing it?
He said in all of his years doing this, he’s only ever raised someone’s rent ONE time.. BUT, we were told by the (now) previous owner of this house that we were paying well under the actual mortgage amount.. and we’ve looked at other rentals/homes for sale in the area, and they’re all 200 dollars or more over what we’ve been paying.

If they’re going to come in and want to fix things.. I have a whole LIST of things for them to fix. Which could possibly sway things either way. Either we’ll get to live in this house, but it will be nicer.. or they’ll see there’s too much to fix and say screw it and we’ll have to move.
I’d like these things to be fixed. The dishwasher, the crap ass addition to the house that I am POSITIVE is not up to code, the cracked cast iron bath tub, the leaky rotting wooden windows, the semi-broken window in the laundry room..
It’d be nice to have all of those things fixed on someone else’s dime. I’m just not sure the bank would see that as something they would actually do but still only get paid $1,000 a month for the house.
We also might have to take into consideration the amount of money we MIGHT get from cash-for-keys if we decide NOT to sign the lease on the spot. We could move into a nicer, bigger house.. for a little more per month, but depending on how much they pay us, we’d have enough to cover the extra $100 a month, plus have some left over to put into an interest bearing account and save up a down payment for when we can buy a house without all the shadiness.
Still, we’d have to move.. and moving is a bitch. AND we’d have to figure out how the birthday party would work, when we’d have to move in relation to that.. and that’s another bitch.

It all sucks no matter how you look at it unfortunately. We just have to take the lumps as they come and pick the lesser of a billion evils.

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