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Now that all the gifts have been wrapped and hidden away and the plans all set for tomorrow’s birthday dinner..i’ve had a chance to reflect on what is about to take place.
When my baby wakes up tomorrow, he’ll be 3! I won’t say it feels like “just yesterday” I was giving birth to him.. it doesn’t. Especially since i’ve given a birth to another after him, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it’s been 3 full years.

Three isn’t exactly old, but he just SEEMS so old when I say his age out loud now. Not only that, but it makes ME feel much older. I feel like an old fogie when I say “Yeah, I have a three year old and a (almost) one year old.” Talk about a mood shattering realization. Next up is grays and wrinkles. Oh the things I have to look forward to!

We’ve been trying to get Holden amped up for his birthday.. i’m not sure he fully understands the whole age thing, but he knows he’ll be getting presents and is pretty psyched about that.

We wrapped all the presents a week before his birthday party so he could look through them tomorrow and choose one or two to take to dinner and open them there. I’d hate to make him wait a week past his actual birthday to get ANY presents.

For tomorrow, we took the time to reserve “special seating” at the NASCAR cafe in front of a 15 FOOT tv screen that shows races. Holden will likely pee his pants in glee when he sees the sheer size of that thing. If we’re lucky (and I don’t know why the reservation didn’t absolutely secure this for us) we’ll get sat in a booth that has sub woofers in the seats so not only do you have a ridiculously huge TV screen to watch, but you can feel it in your seat as well. If Holden doesn’t pee his pants from the TV, he’ll probably pee himself in fear once he feels the rumble in his butt. He’ll probably say something like “that scared the crap out of my tummy, mommy!”

I’m pretty amped for it.. but i’m always excited to get the hell out of this house AND to not have to cook. Win win situation there.

The sucky part? Now when we have the chance to hit the lunch special at the tasty Chinese Buffet (which isn’t that often, but still).. and they ask us Holden’s age and he says “i’m THREE!” (which will sound like FWEE).. they’ll charge us for his meal. As if a 3 year old eats that much more than a 2 year old. Psh. It’s tempting to lie and continue to say he’s 2.. but he hasn’t looked that young in a VERY long time, especially since he’s been wearing 4-5t for a year now. They already look at us like we’re crazy when we say 2, and chances are Holden will look at us like we’re crazy too and try to insist that he isn’t- making us look like lying stealing jackasses.

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