Some good news for once

Today was the ‘make it or break it’ day for the future of us in this house. Either we’d be able to stay and continue renting.. for whatever price.. or if the price was too high, take Cash for Keys and move.. Or maybe the guy coming would find too much wrong with the house and they’d decide it wasn’t worth it to rent it out and boot us.
Seriously, there are so many ways today could have gone.

I wasn’t too nervous until about an hour before the guy from the property management company was scheduled to show up.
When he called to push back the appointment an hour I was pretty angry. We run a tight ship around here.. plus it seemed a tad like a bad omen.
Even worse when that pushed back time came along and he still hadn’t shown. At that point it was 5pm, Parker’s bottle/nap time and we weren’t sure whether to just figure he wasn’t coming at all (wouldn’t be surprised) or to keep Parker waiting, let this guy get in and out, and then get back on track.

Didn’t have much time to really consider the options, as he showed up a few minutes later.

Really, I was expecting an asshole to be at our door. Someone who was only out for money.. just wasn’t us to do what they wanted or get the hell out.
That’s not who this guy was. He was incredibly honest and completely transparent about what he could and couldn’t offer, the truth behind foreclosures, even how much the bank was paying HIM to manage our property.

Without even looking at the house.. and after listening to our situation and being absolutely flabbergasted (he used to own a house flipping/buying foreclosed homes business) at what we’ve been through.. he told us what our rent would be.
SERIOUSLY, $800.00 freaking dollars! For a 4 bedroom house! That is $200.00 less per month than we were previously paying! I didn’t want to express my instant glee.. but inside I was dancing. We didn’t have to sign the agreement or pay right away, he went over all the stipulations of the lease, and said he’d leave it with us and within a week we’d have to sign and send in our pro-rated rent for the month of September ($560.00).

Then he looked around the house and I showed him EVERYTHING that was wrong. Most probably won’t get fixed, as it’s cosmetic.. but now that we aren’t responsible for repairs or anything else.. anything that breaks has to be fixed by them. Hooray! And we might even get new windows out of the deal since our front windows are old wooden ones and seem to be rotting, and the one in our bedroom right above the bed leaks cold air onto my head in the winter. Totally miserable.

Talk about a HUGE weight lifted from our shoulders. We don’t have to stress about the possibility of having to move out of our home either during or right after the boys’ birthday party. We don’t have to worry about moving in 3 months and maybe not finding a suitable rental home. We don’t even have to pay as much as we used to. And to us, $200.00 is a LOT of money.

Now we can focus on the other matters at hand.. suing the rat bastard that got us into this situation in the first place and get our stinkin’ money back.

Last night I had e-mailed over to the lawyer a bunch of questions (like ‘what IS our case?’ ‘how much would we be suing for with damages?’ ‘what happens if there are unexpected delays? will we have to pay more?’ etc), and today the lawyer responded. One sentence.
“It’s too complicated to explain through e-mail. You can call my secretary and make another appointment.”
You better believe i’m going to! I am far too invested and curious at this point. I really want to know what he found to be a “rip off” and know exactly what we’re getting into.

One stressful situation down.. one more to go! Things are looking up thus far.. hopefully they’ll continue to go in our favor.

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