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This morning was the consultation with a local real estate attorney in our area regarding this whole down payment, house foreclosure, bunch of crap debacle.

I had asked a question on a site called Trulia, where you can find houses to buy, bank owned properties, rentals, etc.. but there’s also a whole section where you can ask an array of questions on all different real estate type questions. Of course, my question was a short summary of what we’ve gone through, and asked what the hell we do and if there’s a chance to get the money back.
While most of the consensus was “Go see a lawyer. Immediately” and hims and haws back and forth on which way it could go- one woman, who is a real estate agent directed me to a real estate attorney nearby she claimed “knew his stuff” when it came to contracts. We’d already called two who couldn’t help or didn’t answer..
So I looked this guy up. He seemed to specialize in everything we could need- and they had a little form where I could ask a question and see if he even thought he was the right person to help. I did just that.

Never did I expected him to actually respond. Maybe his assistant would write back.. or maybe i’d get one of those automated responses- but nope, it was him. And he wanted us to call and make an appointment and he’d see what he could do. Sounded promising. We called Monday and got in Thursday (today)
I’ve been on pins and needles ever since we made the appointment. All the thoughts and possibilities of what he could say.. the chance that he’d take one look at the contracts and documents and tell us we were screwed. The hope that he’d say we have a sure-thing case against the turds who took our money and ran. I seriously dislike surprises. I don’t like waiting. I don’t have patience for anything other than my kids. I especially hate losing money to con artists.

Really, I wasn’t sure what to expect this morning. My only current experience with a lawyer was not such a good one. Remember the lazy ass estate lawyer in charge of my mother’s estate? Just waited around until the court was after him to do ANYTHING, and even then wanted to be a big fat (and I literally mean big and fat) douche about it? That was the only thing I had to base lawyers on. Unkempt, sloppy, lazy, money grubbing leeches.
I did have a good feeling about it when I heard his office was in a very nice part of town…also unsettled though.. nice offices typically mean expensive lawyers.. But a free consultation was just that, right? No harm in going to someone who has been successful enough to warrant having a nice office to pick this crap apart and tell us what our options are, if any.

This guy was like one of those super fancy lawyers you see on TV. Very expensive suit.. the striped button up shirt with the white collar and fancy tie. Perfectly styled hair. He was older than I thought he’d be, but both Thomas and I agreed he was what you would consider a “Silver Fox.”

We had the kids with us, we weren’t sure how well that would go over.. or if he was annoyed by Holden’s constant talking. He was very serious. He remembered my email, even had it printed out in front of him.. so I didn’t have to fully explain the situation for the billionth time.

As he took a look at all of the documents we had.. he seemed perplexed. He read them all.. then read them again. Asked us a few questions, WHY did we get into this situation in the first place, did we make all of our payments on time, if we actually got financing for the house at one point (we did).
Then he looks at me and says “This contract is a big mess. He’s just ripping people off. He needs to be reported to the Bar.”
I felt pretty good at that point. I knew since the lady who was selling the house in the first place got a lawyer and got out of HER contract, that there was a strong possibility our contract was a bunch of crap too. I think he even said something about how the middle man didn’t even have a right to be selling the house or listing himself as the seller in the contract since he never technically even owned this place.

Sadly, we don’t have any concrete answers as to what we can do just yet, I was probably jumping the gun thinking it would be so easy to figure out. The lawyer made copies of everything to look at.. probably to research our options, and to decode that hot mess of a “contract” .. but he said we will have an answer by Thursday of next week.
More waiting! But hopefully it will be good news once he dives into it. I just worry that if he says we can proceed, that we won’t be able to afford him. I have no idea what we’ll do if/when we get into legal fees. Cross that bridge when we get to it.

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