Return of the sick baby

For the past day or so, we’ve noticed Parker has been a little more ornery than usual. Those top two right teeth have been gigantic and right on the verge of cutting, so the excess attitude wasn’t anything surprising.
Neither was the fact that he seemed to be a little warmer than usual. The kid is always warm and clammy and sweaty, especially when he sleeps. I swear his forehead never feels room temperature. It’s actually difficult to tell when he is actually running any kind of fever because he’s so warm all the time.

I didn’t put much thought into how he was acting being anything beyond normal teething until today.
His entire demeanor changed. When he teethes, he’s pretty evil. Whiny and fussy and clingy.. but today he went above and beyond.
Random screaming.. all day long. One minute he’s happily playing, the next he’s letting out this ear piercing, mind melting scream. Never have I heard him make a sound anything even CLOSE to that sound before. On top of that, he just seemed so sleepy all day. All he wanted to do was lay down and suck his thumb. In between shrieking and whining of course.

When he woke up from his 5pm nap, he was burning up. VERY hot. I had a bad feeling at that point. We took his temperature and it came out to 102.5. He’s never had a fever that high, not even when his RSV was at its worst. And he definitely wasn’t pleased about it. He was so damn miserable he didn’t know what to do with himself. We tried holding him, giving him things to snuggle, trying to keep him occupied.. nothing made him feel better- and the tylenol was taking far too long to kick in.

I know his mouth is killing him, he can’t even chew food without crying about it. He won’t even let you TOUCH his gums where the two new teeth are poking through. A fever that high though really can’t be explained by teething alone. So really I have no idea what’s wrong with him. Looking back, I can remember Holden getting sick at exactly this age. Came down with a high fever that we couldn’t find a reason for that lasted for days until one morning he woke up with a rash- Roseola. It would be a crazy coincidence for Parker to have the same, but it would explain what’s going on.

Right after his bath, he finally started feeling a little better and playing again. Didn’t feel as hot as before.. so we gave him one more dose of tylenol before bed to help him sleep and keep that fever down- but i’m not counting on a good night’s sleep for anyone tonight.
I just hope he’s feeling better tomorrow. I don’t know if it’s sympathy pain or all the screeching, but my head is KILLING me.. I’m not sure I can handle both kids alone tomorrow if Parker is feeling as nasty as he was today.

And he DEFINITELY better feel 100% by Saturday. NO kid deserves to be sick on their birthday! Especially a kid who’s been as sick as Parker.

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