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It’s crunch time! I just can’t wait any longer to go ahead with the boys birthday party planning. We’ve been at a standstill once we heard the news that we’re really living on borrowed time around here. Never know when or if we’ll have to move.

While I might be angry and confused and seriously stressed about it- I can’t sit back and wait anymore to find out what our fate is as far as this house to go forward.
We have the party invites all ready to be printed.. with our current address on them. With the party being September 25th, if I want them to get to the invitees two weeks early (less chance of people trying to weasel out of coming when you let them know early enough!).. they’re going to have to go out mid-week, this week.

What I THOUGHT was going to happen, of course is not going to happen. What I thought was the people from the property management company were coming tomorrow and we’d have to make a decision then on whether or not we were going to rent, or even be able to. That gave us time to change the invites if needed and get them printed and out by the mid-week deadline. We have to call and make the appointment tomorrow.. doubt they’ll actually come tomorrow. The process has been so slow so far we can’t expect anything to come swiftly anymore.

Knowing that, we just have to plow ahead.. put our current address on the invites, send them out and cross our fingers.
So if you get an invite.. just know the address listed may not ACTUALLY be where the party is held. Of course i’ll let everyone know as soon as I know.. whenever that will be.

On top of that mess, I still have to get the decorations and cupcake mix and icing.. find a present for Parker, get gift bags for the favors.. and decide on what food,if any, we’re going to serve.

Birthday parties are stressful to plan to begin with.. but when you make it a DOUBLE birthday, add on the possibility of having to move, not knowing for sure where you’ll be able to have the party.. it’s enough to give you gray hair.

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