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If i’m being completely honest- I really don’t like the Nintendo Wii. I’ve played a few of the games now and then, and just found the hype to be just that. Hype. I didn’t have as much fun as i’d hoped I would, the games didn’t play like I thought they would.. just a big fat disappointment.

The Playstation Move however is something I actually think is pretty cool and will live up to all the commercial hype. It did seem at first to be somewhat of a rip-off of the Wii, but it seems like it has more realistic games and features and just a more fun experience all around.

I think Holden would be a little young to use it now, but if a genie appeared and plopped one in our lap I can just see it being a blast for us to play around with.
The tennis game especially. I always loved playing tennis when I was younger, but actually getting out there to a court and having a racket and balls and time to do all of that seems impossible with two small children.
The Playstation Move would allow us to play at home.. play against each other, have some fun rivalry and maybe even get a little bit of a sweat worked up. Holden would probably just swing the thing around wildly, but he’d have a ball doing it. Far less complicated then trying to get the hang of a game controller, that’s for sure.

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