One Year Retrospective

Today is Parker’s.. or was Parker’s 1st birthday. A sad and happy time all at once.

Happy because I love watching my baby grow into a little person.. but sad for many reasons. Sad because my baby is almost a toddler.. sad because we’ve gone through SO much and had hoped by the time he was one- the issues would be behind us. He definitely doesn’t deserve to have gone through as much as he has. It’s been an incredibly rough year and unfortunately we still have more hurdles to jump over before Parker will be in the clear.

Looking back.. I obviously wish he’d never gotten sick. From reflux, to RSV to DGE and now to his issues with table food. However, I don’t regret anything we did- even with all of the crap people said and the criticism we received from those who couldn’t or wouldn’t understand.. I wouldn’t change anything we did to help Parker.

He is an incredibly happy, goofy, lighthearted, loving little boy. Nothing he’s gone through has phased him in the slightest. He’s obsessed with his big brother, sleeps like an angel.. and destroys a room like no other.

Really my only hope for him is that he has a less stressful, MUCH less sick next year than the previous.

And now for the look-back.

Parker Newborn:

Parker at 1yr Old:

Shirt covered in food, and happy as can be.. which is how a typical day is. How can you not love that face?

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