My not-so-baby, then and now

Funny how you anticipate a day for so long.. plan it out, wonder what it will be like- and then before you know it, the day comes and goes in what feels like the blink of an eye.

That’s what Holden’s birthday-day felt like. Hard to believe it’s over already. I’m sure he’s going to wake up tomorrow insisting it’s STILL his birthday… maybe i’ll let him bask in it for the weekend.

Now it’s time for my annual look-back on how much he’s grown in his 3 years of life:


1 year old:

2 years old:

3 years old:

The amount a child grows, develops and matures over such a short period of time is really surreal! I have a hard time remembering how he was as a baby. What he liked and didn’t like.. if he was clingy like Parker. It’s hard to remember back that far.. even though it wasn’t that long ago.

Last year i’m not sure Holden had a clue what was going on on his birthday. This year he was ALL about it. As soon as he woke up he started telling everyone “happy birthday to you!”.. and then the requests for presents began.

Thomas said to give him a present after he’d gone to work, but I couldn’t see leaving Thomas out of seeing the look of joy on Holden’s face when he opened up something he’d been asking for for months, so I tried to hold off until we went out to dinner.

That plan was shot to hell when I went to get the mail, only to find packages at the door. Holden is SO obsessed with getting the mail every day there was no way to hide it from him. He saw the packages and instantly said “I WANT MY BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!!!!”
I couldn’t tell him no!

I let him open up the package addressed to him (the other smaller ones were to Parker), and he flipped. It was a Mater’s yard Lego set. Two of Holden’s favorite things. Cars, and legos.
From that point on, all day he randomly yelled “I LOVE IT! I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!”

It made me happy to see him so excited. It’s hard to tell when he’s genuinely excited about something.. but he was definitely in a state of pure birthday bliss once he got presents.

He could have acted like a monster all day asking for more presents, but he was actually really well behaved. Understood he had to wait until we went out to dinner.

And he was handsomely rewarded for it. He was so excited to go to the NASCAR cafe, he tore ass toward the race cars (fake) parked outside and was kissing them and talking to them.. And then my friend Nicole and her little girl Deirdre showed up, who Holden has always had a big fat crush on- and he was even happier. Big hugs and smooches.
They sat next to each other at dinner and held hands on and off, shared toys and food.

His whole face lit up once the waitresses came out with a piece of Reeses pie with a lit #3 candle on it and we all sang to him. I thought he was going to burn his face off he got so close to the candle trying to blow it out.

Then came present time. We only took 1 of our presents, but Nicole brought hers for both boys because she unfortunately can’t make it to the birthday party. I think he squealed as he opened Frank the Turbine and Mood Springs Hauler. He even had the little boy at the table behind us all excited.. seriously, what little boy doesn’t love Cars? He took Frank over there and showed it to the boy and everything. Kid begs to be kidnapped, I swear. Not even the slightest bit shy.

After we left, we were on the way home and he kept talking about how he gave Deirdre “a long kiss!”
Seriously, Holden, stop growing up so fast!!

All in all a very good birthday! Now it’s time to stress out some more and gear up for the birthday party.
Still waiting on those RSVPs, people!

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