Meltdown of the Century

It’s common knowledge in this house that if we take Holden to my brother’s house to play with his cousin Preston- he is NOT going to want to leave when the time comes.
Crying is expected.. even a slight tantrum or small meltdown isn’t exactly abnormal. Usually he’s over it once we get him in the car and give him something to screw around with on the way home.

Today was a day unlike any other in the way of complete and total meltdowns in Holden land.

I packed up both boys to go to my brother’s for lunch- got there, and let Holden and Preston play for a while, while my brother made lunch and I fed Parker. Much less arguing between the two than usual. They were having an absolute blast.
I even stayed longer than i’d planned because he was having such a good time.

Once it was finally time to go in order to get Parker home for a bottle and both of them down for their long naps things slid downhill fast.

First Holden refused to get his shoes. Once I convinced him, through tears, to go and get them.. he started freaking out about not being able to find them but insisted he had to “all by myself!”
He seemed to calm down a little when it was time to give kisses and hugs and actually walk out the door. He asked for his milk, so I handed him his sippy. Things were looking up- but something snapped once we started to step outside. He totally lollygagged in the door and it kept closing on him. He freaked.
He refused to walk down the front steps. Just kept screaming. I had Parker in my arms, as well as my purse and a huge heavy baby bag, so there was nothing I could do to force him to come with me.. so in old-fashioned Mommy style I told him I was just going to leave him there. Of course, I wasn’t, I was just going to put Parker in the car and hope Holden followed behind when he knew I meant business.
He did not. He stood on the front steps to my brother’s house and SCREAMED at the top of his lungs in a voice i’ve never heard come out of him. “MOMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!” over and over and over. Talk about humiliation.

I got Parker strapped into his carseat (he was silent throughout this whole ordeal), and then walked back to get Holden.. who stopped screaming in such a shrill fashion once he saw me come back.
I can’t remember if I had to carry Holden to the car or if he walked with me.. but once again he went into pure meltdown mode when I took his sippy away to get him into the car.

Hysterical. Maybe I should have given in and given his sippy back to him, but I don’t deal well with screaming.. or giving kids exactly what they want just to shut them up.
He screamed, cried, sobbed and boogered all over himself the entire way home about how he wanted his sippy. Didn’t care that there’s no way I can reach to the back of an SUV to get it while I was driving.
Again, Parker was still silent the whole way home.. usually HE is the one who screams the entire car ride home.

Per usual, I pulled Holden out of the car first, then went to get Parker and the bag.
Holden would not move. He just stood there next to the car and refused to walk toward the door. I tried threatening to leave him outside.. and that didn’t work at all. He just screamed even louder. And it was even MORE embarrassing, as we were home, and of course, with the worst timing- all the neighbors appeared to be outside to witness this magical meltdown.

I had to sit Parker down inside, and walk back out to get Holden. First he told me to pick him up.. and then he screamed when I did, saying he wanted to walk. I was done with his crap at that point. He tried to stiffen his entire body so I couldn’t carry him.. but I am the master of carrying evil squirming children.

Got him inside and slammed that door shut and watched him damn near have a panic attack trying to get his shoes off, even worse when I tried to help him.
From there it was a frenzy of forcing his screaming ass into the bathroom to take a pee and brush his teeth.. both of which he cried through.
Then he cried when I put him to bed about what blankets and stuffed animals he wanted. Then he refused to say goodnight to me.. and cried when I left because I didn’t say goodnight the way HE wanted me to.

He continued to cry for about 30 minutes after I put him in bed. Parker, who had to have his diaper changed, bottle made, and FED (which we all know is an ordeal in itself) was asleep before him.

Seriously, Holden must have eaten some paint chips or crazy pills today. Un-freaking-real. He got himself so worked up that when he woke up from his nap (after finally falling asleep) half his face was covered in rash.

If he hadn’t been an angel for the rest of the day I might have sold him on the black market before Thomas got home.

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