Mega Milk Fail

Along with the feelings of sentimentality and the tinge of sadness that I get when I think about Parker turning 1 year old, I also feel an enormous sense of relief. NO MORE BOTTLES! The bane of my existence, the thorn in my side, the thing we’ve been fighting with for 9 months will finally be gone!
It’s been the light at the end of the tunnel. We knew it would eventually get here, it just always felt so far away. And around the corner it finally is.

What I failed to remember is what a whore the switch to whole milk is. I must have blacked that out of my memory completely. Or maybe the fact that Holden is SO obsessed with milk now makes it hard to remember the days where he hated it.
Now that my memory has come back to me, I remember what a struggle it was. I remember thinking Holden would NEVER drink whole milk he disliked it so much.

Luckily, Holden was a big chunky easily distractable child. And when you distracted him, he would eat or drink anything you wanted him to. He may not HOLD the sippy of milk on his own.. but he’d still drink a little without fighting too much if his attention was being held by the TV.
It took a long time, and quite a few different sippies to finally get Holden drinking milk all by his lonesome. Still, it didn’t matter how much because calories and weight were never a cause for concern with Holden.

With all we know about Parker and how resistant he is to change, and how he HATES trying new things- we knew it would be best to introduce milk to him a tad early (though really not that early when you think about it) or we’d be chancing taking him off of bottles and him refusing to drink anything but water for weeks- which would plummet his caloric intake.

So a few days ago we began our journey into the land of milk. And I can tell you now.. it is going to be a VERY bumpy ride.

Never have I encountered a child who hates milk more than Parker. Not just crying when he drinks it, but gagging if you even put a drop into his mouth. He usually loves to play with sippy cups but when he sees the one with milk coming he refuses to let it get anywhere near him. Won’t even touch it.
He had a hard time getting used to water, but nothing like this. We’re not trying to rush him into it, we still have about two weeks.. but that’s really not a lot of time considering his reaction.

It seemed like he was getting a little more used to it after a day or two. As long as he wasn’t in his chair, he’d play around with the sippy. Slight improvement. But at dinner, he gagged so hard on milk he threw up, twice
When Holden wouldn’t take to it quickly, people always suggested cutting it with water or ugh.. adding chocolate… Neither of those seem like attractive options. I don’t want him getting into chocolate milk and refusing to take it any other way. I also don’t want him to hate water because he thinks it will taste like milk. He’s just going to have to get used to milk by hating it first just like everything else. He still doesn’t really even like table food that much.

Seriously not a fan of this whole picky eater thing. I don’t think Parker is a fan either.

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