Kissimmee Jealousy

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Growing up, every single summer we spent down in Florida. My Dad would get transferred down to JFK for either 4 or 6 weeks (it was a long time ago, I can’t remember specifics!) and instead of just him going and being away from my mom, brother and I for so long- we’d all go with him. It was the one thing I looked forward to every single year.
What kid doesn’t want to go to Florida, visit Disney, go to the beach.. get sprayed by a Walrus at Sea World, etc?
And the best part was his work always provided us with a furnished condo (well, at least the one summer I remember more specifically than others).

Still, even with all of that- there was one thing I was always jealous of. Kissimmee, Florida. We’d always stay in Cocoa Beach or somewhere around those parts.. but i’d see the ads on TV for Kissimmee and so desperately want to go there. With how much CLOSER Kissimmee is to the theme parks, all the cool outdoor things to do? It seemed like a kids wonderland.

Even now as a grown up, that appears to be the place to go if you’re traveling to Florida (or really if you want to go to Disney and have a place to stay a little away from the hustle and bustle).

If I were to make an itinerary now.. and trust me, i’ve been dreaming of taking our kids to Disney when they’re a little older.. It would start with the hotel.
And the most amazing one is the Quality Suites Royal Parc Suites

Fancy! But also has a childrens play area, and pool.

Of course we’d spend the majority of our time at the parks. Not just for the kids.. we desperately want to go to them too, but we’d also want to explore the other things Kissimmee has to offer, like their zipline attraction

And then of course the nightlife and restaurants.. or even their Mystery Dinner Theater.

There is seriously SO much to do there, you can’t dream of getting it all done in one vacation.. but you can sure try! I encourage you to check out Kissimmee’s website and plan YOUR family’s dream vacation.

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