It’s the final countdown

Today we were supposed to go and meet the lawyer to discuss our case and our options and all things factual and bla de bla. That didn’t happen. We had to reschedule due to him having court. It probably works out for the best to be honest. With Parker feeling so nasty, and the stress of the double birthday party right on the horizon.. it’s probably in our best interest to have the meeting with the lawyer (and having to make any decision on what to do) after the birthday party. As much as I wanted to get this court decision out of the way.. I think focusing on one thing at a time is the best idea!

So now i’m focused, i’m ready.. i’m amped. I’m making lists and checking them more than twice. I know what needs to be done. I know what still needs to be bought. I do NOT know if it all is possible, or if I have the time to do it all… but i’m sure as hell going to try.

I have a couple of ladies coming over Friday night before the party to help me back and decorate.. since I seriously bit off more than I could chew with the Mater cupcakes, and since Holden requested chocolate peanut butter chip cookies for his party.. there’s a lot of baking to be done.. that can’t be done the day of without scrambling- and I do NOT want another party where i’m still putting things out and decorating as people show up. I want it all done early for once!

That will be a fun, but late night.

I have plans to decorate almost every table in the house with scenes from the Cars movie. One table with the “Cozy Cone Motel”.. but I have to find a small traffic cone.. and tape down the Cars so it doesn’t get destroyed 5 minutes into the party but Holden or another kid wanting to play with it. I don’t expect it to last the entire party.. but a few minutes would be nice. The main table with the Mater cupcakes I have a Cars table cover for.. and I bought a big blowup centerpiece for it. I want a backdrop to cover the window between the dining room and kitchen so I can put hanging decorations there.. but that’s another thing i’ve yet to get or figure out how to execute properly.
We had a friend send Holden “Mater’s yard” lego set for his birthday.. so I figure that can go somewhere else as decoration. I also have to figure out how to make streamers not look ghetto for once.

I’m so excited, but so nervous at the same time! It’s taken a while, but the turnout is looking good so far. I want to make a Mater cupcake for at LEAST every kid attending, plus goody bags (which I definitely have enough goodies for, but the bags are NOT big enough).

I wait all year long to throw the birthday party, and now it’s a double so I want it to be DOUBLE as good. A lot of pressure for someone with as little party throwing/craft experience as me. I think it will turn out good though! As long as the house is clean.. which is always an issue since 5 minutes after we tidy up the boys tear the house to pieces.
I do know one thing for sure- The slightly stained carpet that is now FULLY stained from the boys that we have down so when Parker falls over like he loves do to, he won’t crack his head- has to go. It’s embarrassing.. and I don’t want anyone to see it! Much easier to clean up hardwood anyways.

All this preparation and crafting stress has lead me to think about Halloween and how I was planning to MAKE the boys Halloween costumes. Thing 1 & thing 2. Great idea, but hard to execute. They sell toddler sized thing 1 costumes online.. but not so much in the baby area, which means i’d have to MAKE it from scratch. Not particularly hard, but time consuming.. and i’m such a procrastinator and perfectionist at the same time that I don’t think I could do it this year and be pleased with it.
With all that pressure, and then a coupon that came in the mail from the costume store we usually get Holden’s costumes from.. I sort of made up my mind that i’d save the thing 1 & thing 2 costumes for when the boys are a little older (and when Parker will keep something on his head for more than 5 seconds).

So tonight I went to the party store’s website with Holden in my lap and looked through all the costumes. He was pretty set on either a Garden gnome (OMG so creepy! you don’t even know!) or a cheap looking “Rockstar” costume that looked more like Bret Michaels than anything else.. until I coaxed him more toward the pirate/knight idea. He decided he wants to be a “Knight of the Dragon”.. of course, he loves that damn Dragon movie so much.. and that Parker should be a dragon. It’s perfect! And I have coupons for each costume! Takes a HUGE weight off of my shoulders.. so now I can relax until and past Halloween instead of having to stress about making and possibly screwing up the costumes since I suck at crafts.. and now my only worry is the party!

Of course i’ll post pictures and updates of the progress of that and the lawyer situation as I hear them.
Fingers crossed for all things above, y’all!

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