It is or it isn’t?

Noon yesterday, 4 days of relatively high fevers and nonstop screaming baby.. I noticed Parker repeatedly touching his right ear. In Holden’s entire life, he’s never had a single ear infection. Same with Parker up until (possibly) this point. I had chronic ear infections as a child, even had to get tubes I got terrible ones so often.. so I always expected my kid or kids to follow suit and was VERY pleasantly surprised when it didn’t seem to happen.

Still, i’m paranoid. I remember how miserable I was all the time as a kid with those damn ear infections.. so I watch very closely for the signs of ones in my kids to try and get them taken care of as soon as possible.

As soon as I saw the ear tugging followed by the highest pitched screams i’ve ever heard.. we called the doctor. No appointments available for that day. Well, there was ONE, but it was literally impossible to make it to. So the only option was to take an appointment the next day (today). Of course my worry was that by the time we got in to see the doctor.. Parker would be all better and it would be a huge waste of $20 (especially if it’s Roseola since there’s nothing any doctor can do for Roseola).
Still, better safe than sorry.

Parker woke up this morning with a slight rash on his face and chest.. and a temperature of 98.9.
Sigh.. seemed like money wasted already. Roseola! Just like I called it!

Still, he was acting like he felt like crap still, wasn’t eating.. and he has a scary sore on the underside of his penis that was making diaper changes pure hell for everyone involved, so at least I could ask about that.

By the time we got to the doctor, his whole body was covered in red speckles. He had no fever at all when they took it.. a good sign that the sickness was very near being over and we were in the clear for the birthday party.
Wrong! The doctor said his rash does NOT look like Roseola to her. And upon further inspection, and using my recollection of Holden’s Roseola.. she was right. It is definitely not the same. Roseola is more splotchy.. Parker’s rash looks like individual little flat bumps all over his body.
Either way, it’s a viral infection of some sort and we just have to wait it out. If he has no fever, it’s Roseola and we’re safe.. but if he had another fever it was a different viral infection and we wouldn’t be in the clear (aka non-contagious) until 24 hrs of no fever. Sure enough, he had a fever later on today. 99.3. Not too high, but still a fever.

I don’t think he’s contagious.. considering no one else in this house is sick and I don’t think anyone else in this house will get sick.. but I still hate to see him suffer and I still worry about him giving it to anyone else who might come to his party if this fever doesn’t subside. As the day went on, the rash got worse.. usually a parent might be worried, but I know the rash is a good sign. He’s just going to look like a pubescent teen for a day or two. Hopefully not at his party. I hope he’s well enough to actually ENJOY it.. even if Holden HATED his first birthday, I still have hope!

There’s so much to do over the next 2 days, we really have no time for Parker to feel like crap. I tried cleaning some of the main areas of the house today to make it more presentable and to make less work for myself on Friday night/Saturday morning.. but Parker really wasn’t having any of it. Blah.

I can remember just getting over the stomach flu before my 6th or 7th birthday party.. and not being able to enjoy it at all. I don’t want the same to happen to Parker! But at least he won’t remember what a horrible experience it was if he DOES still feel nasty.

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