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Typically on this blog, I avoid at all costs talking about other family members outside of this house. More often than not, it gets read wrong and taken out of context and I end up hearing about it and having to explain/defend myself.. Just not worth the flack.

This time around i’m so heated up I just don’t care. Plus I know the person it’s about isn’t going to read it- and if he does.. oh well! I’ve already said to him everything i’m about to type here. Too bad it didn’t make me feel any better to unleash on him.

I have been there for my brother through many hard times in his life. Taken his calls and talked him through breakups, custody issues, etc etc. Not that I ever minded doing it. We hated each other so much growing up that it’s nice to be closer to him now, especially since our mom isn’t here anymore.
He has some selfish tendencies, but I suppose most unmarried men of his age would. Still, he’s helped us out of some binds and done favors for us that I don’t think anyone else would do.

He is hands down one of Holden’s top 3 favorite people on earth. So of course, when Holden talks about his birthday party- my brother’s name is always mentioned on who Holden wants to be there. Holden doesn’t ask for many people by name, doesn’t bring up very many people in conversation even though he knows a lot of people- but my brother gets brought up every day. He freaks the hell out when we’re visiting with my brother and we have to leave.. gets excited when he knows we’re going over there. Just loves the hell out of him.

When my brother got the invite to the birthday party, he let me know pretty quickly that his son’s mother wasn’t going to let him (the son) come to the birthday party. Of course I was pissed, but not t my brother. Holden and his little one get along SO well.. I knew Holden would be disappointed not to have him at the party.
I informed my brother right then that just because his son couldn’t come didn’t mean HE was going to get out of coming. He came last year by himself. He knows Holden wants him there.. he knows I want him there. And he knew the date of the party months in advance, it’s on a day he never works.. so I know there’s no excuse for not coming.
And any time I brought it up he never mentioned not coming to the party.

Past few days though, he’s not been returning my messages about the party. I had a feeling right then that he was going to try to weasel out. Why? I have no idea. I just had a feeling about it.

Sure enough, today I got a random text from him telling me he’s not coming. No explanation as to why, just not coming “sorry.”
I know damn well he doesn’t have anything better to do. He’s probably going to go play paintball instead of coming to his only nephews’ birthday party. A few hours out of ONE day and he’s going to bail.

I got pissed. Really pissed. And I let him know in very harsh words that if he was going to bail when he had months notice to come, that he could expect to not hear from me anymore. Harsh? Maybe, but I feel like there’s absolutely no excuse not to come to the party, especially when he knows how badly Holden wants him there. I don’t give a flying fart about presents or anything else, I just care about the crushed look on Holden’s face when his Uncle Biff doesn’t show up to his birthday party. Unacceptable.

He didn’t even bother to respond to my message, which made me even more angry. He doesn’t even seem to care.

I may not NEVER speak to him again if he doesn’t show up.. but it’s going to take a long time for me to get over him being a total douchebag and not coming.

I feel like kicking him in the shins right now, hard.

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