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As the birthday party quickly approaches, and the invites are less than 24 hours away from being received- i’m already being asked by a few people here and there what the boys want for their birthdays.

It’s not as though I haven’t put a lot of thought into the subject.. I know EXACTLY what Holden wants. Hell, I even have a list stuck to the fridge with a magnet that has all the things he’s specifically asked for on it. If/when those run out, I have plenty of other ideas for him. Holden is easy to figure out.

Honestly, it comes down to Parker being a complete and total mystery to me as far as what in the world to buy him, and what to suggest to others to buy him when they ask what he likes or needs.
I haven’t even been able to find a gift for US to give him.. thinking up gifts for other people to get him is nearly impossible.

I’ve searched online to see just what’s out there in general for little boys his age. He literally either has everything already (thanks to big brother Holden).. or it’s way too expensive for me to waste money on or even bother asking someone else to waste money on.. or it looks like something he’d never play with in a million years. We got toys for Holden’s 1st birthday that we SWORE he’d love.. and to this day he’s never touched them. I don’t think Parker will play with them either. Too many pieces, too many batteries. I don’t have time for all the fuss!

Really, the kid has a huge question mark hanging over his head at all times. He just plays with whatever is around. He likes blocks.. but we already have a MILLION blocks begging me to trip on them and break my neck, so we don’t need any more of those. He likes Cars.. but Holden has enough of those for EIGHT children to play with, and will be getting a ton more for his birthday.. seems like it would be a waste or redundant to get those for him. And would probably make Holden seriously jealous. He likes to climb on things.. but that’s not exactly something i’d consider safe, and I don’t think they make jungle gyms for 1 year olds. That would be BEGGING for a lawsuit.

People always ask me- “well what about clothes?”- and I just have to shudder a bit thinking about our past experiences with other people buying the kids clothes. So much sporty crap it makes me want to hurl. No matter HOW many times I say “NO SPORTS!”.. whenever someone gets us clothes it always ends up being covered in footballs, splattered with baseballs and “#1 MVP!”… oohhh it’s awful. That’s why I always say I would be wasted on a boy- I hate sports!! Just can’t stand it.
Of course there are those that have good taste and buy really cute things.. but those are few and far between- and really I just don’t want to take that chance and not be able to hide my disgust. Or now with Holden being more vocal he’d say something like “THAT’S UGLY!” and make someone feel really bad.

This weekend i’m really going to have to do more research.. browse the stores and find some options for Parker. I would feel awful if I couldn’t give anyone any ideas of what to get him, and he ended up getting nothing. Not that he’d care.. he will have no idea what’s going on- but I will feel guilty.

So far, all i’ve got.. is “he likes things he can fill up and dump out.”
Not much to go with, but i’m working on it! Any unique suggestions would be appreciated (nothing typical like Fisher price laugh & learn or busy ball popper or any of the “every kid has this!” item.. because chances are we do).. anything out of the mainstream realm, anything your 1 year old loved, let me know! I’m dying for suggestions

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