Crunch time

Oh how I wish last night was the end of the birthday stress… unfortunately not!
PEOPLE! Stop doing the dirty on new years! There are already too many September babies to deal with as it is! We don’t need more!

On top of planning Holden’s birthday dinner (since we felt like he deserved a night all about him, because he’ll probably be sharing a birthday party with Parker for at least a few years)
.. I’m planning the double birthday party and trying to figure out all the insane details there- plus shopping for OTHER kids with September birthdays and going to September birthday parties.. it’s a chocked full month.
Even my Dad and Step mom, who would love to travel up north to work on their new mountain house before winter sets in can’t because of all the back to back birthdays.

After the birthdays? Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, Valentines day..
There will be no break for a VERY long time from celebrating birthdays and holidays- I really don’t even want to think about it or I feel like tearing my hair out! It’s so much to think about.. it’s really overwhelming when you think about getting over one hurdle only to be met with the next.

Just have to deal with things one at a time.. and currently i’m dealing with the stress of the birthday party next weekend. We ran all around town today to get the decorations and 6 inch cardboard ‘cake’ trays for each special Mater cupcake. Unfortunately, I have NO idea of how many to get. Just like last year, i’m panicking about how many people will or won’t come. RSVPing is a dying tradition, and that is my main stresser. I’m not fantastic with RSVPing to other people’s events, since I have two young kids and never know what might happen since Parker used to be sick on and off constantly and we never knew if we could actually make it to someone’s party or not.. but I try to respond with a “maybe” as soon as I can.

I think I invited 40 people to the birthday party for the boys.. and i’ve hardly heard from anyone. I’m not mad at anyone who hasn’t.. I don’t get mad easily, I just know that i NEED to know in order to plan accordingly. I like to be organized, I don’t like surprises.. so I like to be prepared ahead of time. I want to have the right number of gift bags, the right number of special cupcakes.. I don’t want to OVER decorate the house if no one is coming.

Today was really our last full day to be able to shop for birthday party necessities.. so I had to guess with the lack of RSVPs. Tonight i’m going to have to e-mail everyone I invited and ask if they’re coming or not.. which I hate doing. I don’t like to be bothersome.. I also hate opening emails that say “no we’re not coming!” because it makes me sad.. but it has to be done.

I just want everything to be perfect. I want tons of people to show up, I want tons of kids to be there and have a blast with Holden because he loves other kids SO much. It’s not at all about the presents, Holden doesn’t care.. and we got him enough for him to not notice if other people come empty handed, I just know he’d have SO much more fun with a full house. He’s such a people person.. his birthday wish would be to have people instead of gifts.

I love planning and throwing birthday parties.. I just hate trying to get people to come! I stress even more about the days when Holden is in school and if he’s going to have a lot of friends or if it’s going to be the same situation where I have to e-mail people to remind them. I don’t want him to deal with that kind of stress. I know I did, it’s not fun.

All I want is for this coming Saturday to be fun for the boys. For the cupcakes to not look like crap. For the house to look nice.. So when I take pictures and the boys look back on them years from now they don’t think I gave them crap-ass birthday parties. It’s been hard to live up to Holden’s pirate party 1st birthday where it seemed like the whole world showed up to celebrate!

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